Repair and Refurbishment

Repair and Refurbishment

Repair and Refurbishment

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Repair & Refurbishment



An additional service we provide for our clients is the cost efficient repair and refurbishment of IT equipment from laptops and tablets to smartphones, helping reduce their procurement costs. From cracked screens to broken buttons, we will happily repair these assets using original parts.



How it works


Perhaps your firm has a range of company phones distributed throughout the workforce, but a number of these have been broken over recent weeks. Using our STREAMS® system? we can collect these broken items, repair and return them with a rapid turnaround. 



Benefits for you


✓ Reduced costs

Rather than buy replacement items, you can save money by repairing those assets which have been damaged. We use original parts to make sure when your item is fixed, it stays fixed.


✓ Rapid turnaround

We have the facilities and trained members of staff required to quickly carry out repairs on any of your IT assets, and if necessary we can have your items fixed and returned at short notice.