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Mid-Life Services

Mid-Life Services

Mid-Life Services offered by Restore

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From relocating/upgrading assets to the provision of on-site engineers

IT moves & changes

IT relocation projects of any size, support with infrastructure changes, software upgrades and equipment maintenance

Server & data centre moves

Our expert team can handle the planning, decommissioning, transport and recommissioning required for a seamless migration

Support services

We can provide IT engineers to assist with projects or back-fill holiday schedules, plus additional services such as cable management and IT repairs



About our mid-life services


Our mid-life services cover the various requirements of your operational assets, from relocating them to dispatching technical engineers to provide support on your projects. Our relocation teams are highly experienced and can carry out small internal desktop moves through to major international data centre moves with ease. We can also provide onsite members of staff to function as support personnel for your end users, allowing you to easily back-fill your holiday schedules or simply request highly capable technical staff as and when you need.



Looking for something else?

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Audits, tagging & asset management

We can audit your assets to give you detailed reporting on your IT infrastructure

Secure storage

We can store your assets and have them ready for rapid collection at any time

IT refreshes, setup & deployment

We can receive your IT, prepare it for your requirements and deploy it to desk

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Resale & rebate

Let us remarket your unwanted assets and deliver a rebate to you

IT disposal & destruction

We are experts in secure data destruction, our services include full audit trails


We can collect and recycle your old IT assets, providing full documentation