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We can manage all aspects of your IT relocation, minimising downtime



Using our secure logistics and our security-vetted IT engineers, we can easily handle your moves, whether in a single building or nationwide. We can fully manage your staff moves, and we can transport your new, live and redundant IT equipment nationwide, at any time. This ensures minimal disruption to your business, whilst ensuring maximum efficiency.

If you have a one-off relocation, or an ongoing demand for moves and changes within your organisation, we can help.




How it works

In the event that you’re moving office, we will come in to your existing workplace and decommission your equipment. We’ll photograph and map up your desks, taking note of every item and its location. Next we will pack up the equipment in secure flight cases, before moving it to the next destination, and this can be done either in or out of hours. Finally we’ll move everything to the new site in unmarked, GPS tracked vehicles, before re-installing everything, ensuring it is set up exactly how we found it.


IT moves

Benefits for you


Minimise downtime

IT systems are crucial to a modern organisation, and any move of these systems must be carried out with swiftness and care. Attempting to carry out such a move without prior experience will generally take a great deal of time, with no guarantee that the systems will operate quite as intended once the move is complete. At Restore Technology we have years of experience with such a move, and can carry out the process with extreme efficiency at a time that suits you, allowing you to quickly resume your normal operations.


Protect your data

Moving your IT infrastructure generally involves moving sensitive data too. Keeping track of these data bearing assets is a priority, which is why we track all the assets we move, meaning you know where they are at all times. By using us for your IT moves and changes you can be assured that all of your data is secure, throughout the process..


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