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Pre-Life Services

Pre-Life Services

Pre-Life Services

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From identifying your assets to carrying out setup and deployment

IT audits, tagging & asset management

Full audit of your IT infrastructure - tagging and tracking every asset to improve your operations and security 

Secure storage

Fully-tracked short and long-term storage at our secure facilities, helping maximise procurement flexibility and free up space

IT refreshes, setup & deployment

Assistance with the receipt of assets, transfer of data and subsequent deployment, saving you time and ensuring employee satisfaction



About our pre-life services


Our pre-life services are designed to provide full support for your new IT assets. We can help you by taking delivery of your equipment, setting it up for your employees and deploying it to desk. Meanwhile we can complete a full IT audit and our management tool system will provide you with a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure, as and when you need it. Finally our storage services allow you to keep your assets in our secure site until you need them, at which point they can be rapidly collected or dispatched to your location.



Looking for something else?

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IT moves & changes

We can manage all aspects of your IT relocation, minimising downtime

Server & data centre moves

Our expert staff can carry out these business-critical moves smoothly and safely

IT support services

Technical staff to support projects or cover holiday, plus other services

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Resale & rebate

Let us remarket your unwanted assets and deliver a rebate to you

IT disposal & destruction

We are experts in secure data destruction, our services include full audit trails


We can collect and recycle your old IT assets, providing full documentation