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IT refreshes, setup & deployment



We provide a range of ‘refresh’ services, tailored to your exact requirements. We can assist your team in receiving and imaging your new IT assets, plus personalisation and data transfer, before completing the subsequent deployment of these assets. We also offer full reporting of make, model, serial number and / or asset tag as well as end-user and location information. Our innovative solutions also include supply of pre-owned hardware, short-term equipment loans and spares provision from stock.




How it works

It may be that your company is taking on new starters, or perhaps you have upgraded your IT infrastructure and need to get the new computers set up to meet your company’s unique requirements. At Restore Technology we have the systems in place to quickly and smoothly get your kit set up as you need. We can then bring these assets into your office, deploy them on defined desks, connect them up and carry out a floor walk to ensure everything has been carried out to completion.


About us

Benefits For You


Employee satisfaction

For a new employee, the transition from one job to the next can be stressful, and so ensuring they have everything they need upon starting work is important. Arriving at their desk with everything in place and fully operational will go some way to easing them through the change. Similarly, an upgrade of staff computers can cause displeasure for existing employees if it is not carried out correctly. By using our services you can be sure that everything will be taken care of to the smallest detail.


Save time

We have the experience and facilities required to carry out refreshes smoothly and successfully. For the vast majority of companies this kind of work is a complex and time consuming process. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help save you time and energy.