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Realise the value
of your unwanted IT

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We can maximise the value of your IT to return the highest level of rebate. Fully compliant and all documentation provided.





Our resale and rebate services include the collection and tracking of your redundant IT equipment, followed by the remarketing of these items wherever possible, with a final rebate to you. These assets can include desktops, laptops, old mobile phones and everything in between. We can collect your assets at a time that suits you, ensuring minimal fuss, and we meet all compliance and environmental regulations. We will provide you with full certification meaning you have an audit trail for every individual item. As part of this service we offer a convenient service level agreement, which includes the serialisation of your assets, data wiping and reporting, with a remarketing rebate at the end of the process.

We also offer access to Streams® - our bespoke customer service portal which manages all aspects of your service delivery, from housing your documentation (such as certificates of collection, waivers of liability, data sanitisation certificates etc.) to allowing you to quickly and easily track your assets. Please note we do charge a small fee for each asset collected, however due to the high percentage of rebate, our clients frequently make a net profit from this service.



How it works

Simply fill in our form or give us a call to let us know you are interested in this service and we’ll be happy to arrange a suitable collection date. Within five days (or three for the premium service) we’ll visit your premises, before collecting, identifying and tagging your unwanted assets. We’ll then transport them to our secure facility where any data-bearing devices will be securely wiped of all data. Where possible, our in-house remarketing team will remarket the assets through a range of channels to realise their residual value. At the end of your service level agreement period we will deliver your remarketing rebate. In cases where the asset cannot be remarketed, we will ensure they are recycled to the highest possible standard. None of our assets go to landfill.


IT resale and rebate

Benefits for you



Our essential service can deliver up to 60% rebate and our premium rebate is up to 80%. Often we find our clients are surprised by the residual value stored within their unwanted equipment, and in fact they are typically able to earn a profit on their collection once receipt of our remarketing rebate at the end of the agreement.



As with all of our services, our resale and rebate service helps to ensure you remain GDPR compliant and we will provide certification to prove the erasure of all data or destruction of devices. This means you have an audit trail for all of your items.



We hold a number of environmental certifications and operate on a strict zero to landfill policy. Thanks to our expertise and commitment to the environment, we can ensure that the assets we collect are dealt with in a manner which creates minimal environmental impact.


Space saving

Waste electrical devices can take up significant amounts of space, often slowly building up over time until your storage rooms are overflowing. Not only does our service ensure the compliant and environmentally friendly handling of your unwanted assets, but also allows you to free up space for other things.