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Technology Case Studies

Technology Case Studies

Case Studies

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Bridge Academy Case Study

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The Project

Restore Technology and Restore Harrow Green assisted UBS to carry out a project to supply more than 500 computers and monitors to the Bridge Academy in Hackney. Both Restore Technology and Restore Harrow Green provided their services free of charge to support this fantastic initiative.

The Details

As part of their London campus office move programme, global financial services firm UBS donated the used PCs, along with screens, mice and keyboards, to the Academy. Restore Technology undertook a full inventory, removed all UBS asset tags and ensured that all the data-wiping certification was in order. They made sure that no data-carrying devices left the premises unless the drives had been securely wiped or destroyed following the bank’s policy on data transportation and storage. Restore Technology then cleaned, checked and packed the items, to ensure efficient re-commissioning at the Academy. To complete the project, Restore Harrow Green carried out the secure transport and delivery of the items.

Restore Technology and Restore Harrow Green dealt with the challenge of coordinating this project along with UBS’ office move. They worked together to ensure a smooth process for the decommissioning of the equipment, careful packing and transit, and delivery at a time convenient for the Academy. They then recommissioned the equipment so it was ready for use as part of the Academy’s teaching programme.

Restore Technology are UBS’ designated partner for disposal and reuse of IT equipment, including desktop PCs, laptops, servers and other network equipment. They and Restore Harrow Green have been working with UBS for more than ten years.

UBS has an ongoing partnership with Bridge Academy partnership based on a shared ambition to build a continuous programme that gives students, staff and UBS employees superb opportunities to work and learn together, and have a positive impact on student achievement, attainment and personal development. UBS support the school through a combination of volunteer time and financial resource.

The Result


“We’re proud of our longstanding partnership with UBS and were glad that we could take the challenges of this project in our stride. With our thorough knowledge of UBS policies and protocols, we were able to provide a fast and efficient service to enable the re-use of IT equipment, and make a real difference to the Bridge Academy. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of achieving such a worthwhile aim and we were happy to support this project by providing our services for free.” Steve Talbot, a managing director at Restore Technology



“At Restore Harrow Green, we’re used to planning and carrying out large business moves with strict deadlines, and we’re glad to report that the UBS move went entirely to plan. By working with our partners at Restore Technology, we were able to deliver a seamless service to deliver the move at the same time as the charitable IT reuse project. Helping the communities in which we operate is very important to us, and we’re delighted to have assisted UBS in this project, free of charge.” Nigel Dews, Managing Director, Restore Harrow Green


Business Sector

Bridge Academy, London

Size: 500+ PCs and monitors

Client Feedback

"This project is a direct output from the ongoing partnership between UBS Group Technology and the Bridge Academy. We are pleased that the hardware donated was securely processed and delivered exactly as planned. It’s fantastic that we are able to help and are sure that this equipment will greatly improve the staff and student experience at the Academy. The services provided by our partners has been excellent and the success of this project has been recognised by all involved.” Nikesh Vishram, Infrastructure Services IT Chief of Staff, UBS

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This equipment is now used on a daily basis in the Academy, in normal lessons and as part of our aim to improve the digital literacy of students and so to prepare them better for the world of work. Without the donation we would have struggled to fund the refresh programme and access to PCs would have been reduced as a result. This represents a very positive example of the partnership between UBS and The Bridge Academy, of which we should all be very proud.

Chris Brown Principal, Bridge Academy