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Technology Case Studies

Technology Case Studies

Case Studies

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Data centre Decommission for Major UK Bank - Case Study

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The Client

Restore Technology were engaged by a major UK bank to decommission and recover a wide variety of IT assets from a data centre in the midlands, requiring the recovery, processing and redeployment of desktop, server, storage, printing, network and other specialist devices.


The Challenge

The organisation faced a lengthy, multi-phased decommissioning exercise involving a range of different service providers, utility companies and a multitude of IT platforms. The decommission had to be completed in line with strict project deadlines, with all equipment being removed to a fixed deadline. A significant amount of equipment was large, delicate and required graceful decommission using specialist technical resources. This required dedicated, skilled sub-projects to be managed within the requirements of the overall program. When it came to managing and executing these, Restore Technology had the process, scalability, capacity and experience to be able to help.


The Solution

Restore Technology were able to change the parameters of the project from an initial decommission, recovery, redeployment 
and disposal of equipment involving numerous suppliers, to a single sourced solution that drastically reduced costs and fasttracked the disposition of assets.

• Project management and the technical decommission and logistical recovery of 3,896 hardware assets over a three month period, in defined phases 

• Real-time asset tracking of the movement of ALL assets resulting in the creation of a new repository for reused assets and completion of the old repository for retired assets 

• Remarketing of high value specialist equipment, including large scale physical and media storage equipment weighing several tons 

• Redeployment of assets to the new data-centre on-demand

What We Delivered

• Final project cost was 65% under original budget 

• 25% of the assets recovered were redeployed avoiding £1M in capital cost 

• 65% of assets remarketed, 20% of assets recycled 

• Remarketing of all assets gave a return of over £177,000 direct to customer 

• Secure, auditable, fully compliant disposal of old assets




Business Sector
Banking and Finance

Major UK bank

Size: 3896 assets managed. £177k returned to client

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