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Technology Case Studies

Technology Case Studies

Case Studies

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Printer Refresh - Case Study


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The Client

A large corporation specialising in infrastructure for the transportation sector was undertaking a complete printer refresh for 14,000 IT users. Without the technical, logistical and disposition experience required, the client’s Project Management Office (PMO) needed a service partner who could help lower the cost of delivering the project, manage and coordinate with multiple suppliers and flex to the demanding and changing needs of the project.


The Challenge

With 47 campus sites and a project schedule that required the movement of over 2,500 devices within a 30 week period, the first challenge the PMO had to overcome was deciding how to receipt, configure and inventory manage large volumes of new and old equipment. Throughout the project timelines were short and budgets were tight so processes needed to be lean and efficient. The old printing devices were leased through seven different printer suppliers. The client’s asset register did not include lessor information, so Restore Technology were engaged to manage the identification and lease return to the lessor on behalf of the client. The client’s asset management team was a major stakeholder in the outcome of the project, so accurate and transparent reporting of all asset movements was imperative to project delivery.


The Solution

Restore Technology worked with the PMO to define the end-toend service framework. Providing configuration and installation services alongside decommission, logistics and disposition of retired assets enabled Restore Technology to produce incredible savings against expected operational costs. Restore Technology’s lean, in-house, technical logistics minimalised asset handling and ensured that over 98% of all decommissioned devices were returned on-time, complete and working to the lessor – avoiding potential end-of-lease penalties. Our automated control process ensured that all old devices were registered, recorded and datasecured at every stage gate. This resulted in the elimination of risk for all data bearing devices.


What We Delivered

  • End-to-end technical refresh, within budget and with a service quality score of 96%
  • Combined services that saved 35% of the original anticipated project costs
  • Resale revenues from surplus toners supported 25% of our service fees 
  • Detailed asset register updated in real-time as hardware was deployed/recovered 
  • Sustainability reporting that identified the carbon footprint benefit of the program

Infrastructure specialist for the transportation sector

Size: 14,000 users