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Do You Need Your Old IT Recycling?

Not only do you need to securely dispose of your old company paper-based files when they reach the end of their useful life, you also need to take extra care to dispose of your electronic data in a way that doesn't cost the earth. This is why you should come to Restore for your end of life IT recycling needs. Not only will you be able to safely dispose of your unwanted IT, you will be saving your company or organisation from the risk of suffering a financial penalty for failing to adhere to current Data Protection requirements.

Secure IT Disposal Advice and Best Practice

Every company needs to put in place a secure IT disposal best practice procedure that staff should adhere to for when it comes necessary to dispose of old, broken down or damaged IT equipment. This is where Restore can help you.

How to Perform Secure IT moves for Businesses

Planning your secure IT moves out well in advance is crucial here. You can never plan early enough, so don't leave planning your move until the last minute or disaster may strike. This is where hiring the professional expertise and industry knowledge that Restore can offer makes great sense.

Worried about Secure IT Disposal for Your Company?

How companies collect and store data is a hot topic these days, especially since the introduction of the new GDPR rules that came into effect on the 25th May 2018. As many companies have now changed their data collection and storage infrastructure to manage their data, many bosses are now asking themselves: What about all the old IT devices that have important data stored on them? How do I correctly manage those assets? Secure IT disposal is the perfect solution here.

Choosing the Right Server Move Company

Restore have an expert team of server move specialists with plenty of hands-on experience of server relocation. Hiring dedicated experts to handle the de-installation, server move and re-integration of your system is the most sensible move you could make.

What is IT Destruction?

When you have old and obsolete IT equipment in your business that you need to safely dispose of, then it is not simply a case of packing up the hardware and putting it out with your regular rubbish collection. There are strict data protection protocols that you need to follow to ensure you are not putting your company at risk of any data breaches or exposure of your sensitive information to criminals such as ID fraudsters.