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How to Protect Your Business During a Relocation

A relocation is a big project, moving your company from one office or premises to another.  By focusing on these areas and making sure you have a firm solution, you can ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible

Four Tips to Handle an IT Department Relocation

Whether the whole business is relocating or just your IT department, the computers of the company are a top consideration. The IT equipment and particularly the server are often one of the most key pieces of equipment within the company.  So how do you handle an IT department and server move?

IT Recycling – How to Do It Safely and Securely

All computer equipment has a lifespan and when your PCs and other IT gear reaches it, there is always a concern about safe recycling.  There are a couple of main considerations around IT Recycling and different routes to take to deal with them.

How to Prepare for an IT Relocation

Relocating your IT and telecommunications facilities can be a massive job and if things go wrong, it can have a catastrophic effect on the business.  That’s why working with an expert IT Relocation Company is important. However, there is also some preparation needed at the company end before the big move.  Here’s some tips on how to prepare for the big IT relocation.

Why Your Business Needs IT Asset Management

IT asset management is a business practice that combines financial, contractual and inventory functions to help with the management of IT equipment life cycles and to ensure strategic decision making.  The aim of IT asset management or ITAM is to be a key part of a company’s organisational strategy and includes both hardware and software.

5 Things to Consider When Undertaking a Data Centre Relocation

There are any number of reasons why your company needs to relocate its data centre – it may be a space issue, an economic one, relating to mergers and acquisitions or even to comply with regulations.  Whatever the case, data centre migration is a big job and can potentially go very wrong. Here are five key considerations for a data centre relocation to help you spot potential pitfalls.