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5 Things to Consider When Undertaking a Data Centre Relocation

Published on 10 July 2018

5 Things to Consider When Undertaking a Data Centre Relocation

There are any number of reasons why your company needs to relocate its data centre – it may be a space issue, an economic one, relating to mergers and acquisitions or even to comply with regulations.  Whatever the case, data centre migration is a big job and can potentially go very wrong. Here are five key considerations for a data centre relocation to help you spot potential pitfalls.

Risk reduction

Migrating a data centre involves some risks – no matter how well you plan there are always unexpected elements that come up.  This is why most companies choose to work with a Data Centre Relocation Company, in order to help reduce these risks. It is also important to look at the most mission-critical systems without which the business can’t function and plan for any downtime needed during the move.

Restoring information

Many businesses have a range of technology, some of which can be years old.  There are no manuals around any more, no instructions on the internet due to the age of the tech.  This means that there is the risk that something could go wrong with no clear way to fix it. That’s why having a plan to restore the information on these aged devices is also important.  It may be worth transferring it before the move takes place or at least copying it to reduce this risk.

Compatibility issues

Older tech (often known as legacy applications or hardware) can also present compatibility issued with newer tech.  Physically moving the equipment to the new data centre is one thing but you need to be certain that it will work once installed with the new equipment already in place.  Legacy equipment and software can also bring with it security risks as they may not contain the latest updates for viruses and other vulnerabilities which could make them the weak spot in the system.


Planning a data centre migration is key to success – you don’t want to just move everything and figure it out as you go.  It is important to consider everything from the physical layout of the space to the network you will be using and how everything will work together.  Security for the whole centre should also be considered at this stage alongside legacy equipment that may need special attention or replacement.

Limiting latency

A change of location can change how a network operates and increase network latency.  Therefore, it is important to take this into account when working with the data centre migration company to plan the move.  The aim is to reduce downtime but also to consider network capacity – can it handle transferring batches of data sent to cut back on that downtime?  And which are the most vulnerable parts of the system that have the greatest risk of failing and therefore causing further latency issues? It is important to consider all of this before the move and see if anything needs to be done to combat it.

Careful but successful

There can be a sense of mild terror for IT professionals at the idea of a data centre migration, aware of the sleepless nights to come as they imagine all the potential problems.  There are so many things that can go wrong, and you can’t prepare for all of them. By getting the right planning and preparation, working with the right partners and covering these most common issues, you can greatly reduce the risk that your move runs into serious problems.  Then your IT staff can get a good night’s sleep before the move – well, a reasonable night’s sleep anyway!

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