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Choosing the Right Server Move Company

Published on 07 June 2018

Choosing the Right Server Move Company

Moving your server for a relocation to another building can be tricky. There are certain considerations that you need to think about before undertaking any data centre hardware relocation.

Firstly, does everyone know about your planned move? Making sure that key staff members are fully aware of your planned server move well in advance can help them to prepare. There will obviously be some downtime and possible delays while the move is happening, so you need to communicate well in advance to let people know so they can do any important or vital functions, such as backing up files and important data, or finishing off any outstanding jobs or tasks that may have a deadline that is close or just passed your planned move date and time etc.

Letting people know well in advance will help to reduce any issues caused by the downtime, and prevent any crucial data being lost or not backed up before the move.

Test your system with a power down

You cannot assume that every piece of equipment will instantly be up and running as soon as you have completed your server move. Many devices and that haven't been powered off for a long while may run into issues or even fail to power-up. Testing your system and components before your move with a scheduled power-down test will alert you to those pieces of IT equipment that will survive the move intact or without issue. This will take the guesswork out of restoring your system at the other end where you may believe there is a fault with the new IT infrastructure rather than your moved equipment.

Use a server move company with experience

Restore have an expert team of server move specialists with plenty of hands-on experience of server relocation. Hiring dedicated experts to handle the de-installation, server move and re-integration of your system is the most sensible move you could make.

Do it yourself style server moves are never a good idea. It may sound like the most economical strategy to do the server move by yourself, but getting your own in-house staff to physically dismantle and pack your sensitive equipment may actually cost you more than you might think.

Your own staff may not have the power-down knowledge or expertise in handling fragile components and IT equipment that you need. This can lead to poor handling and treatment of your equipment and careless mistakes and damage can be quite expensive to fix.

You also have to think about the logistics of moving your server from one location to another. If you are moving to a completely new premises, then simply loading your server onto the back of a removals van and taking the shortest route by road could be problematic, especially if the route is full of twists and turns, sharp bends and road bumps that could see your server ricocheting off the walls of the van. Also, what about your health and safety policy on lifting and handling? Should any member of your staff be hurt or injured during the move, compensation claims for injury could hit your bottom line hard.

Is all this potential hassle and fallout really worth it? Not really. This is why it makes perfect sense to hire in a team of experts from Restore to safely and securely assess and plan out your move, carefully decommission, transport and recommission your server and IT equipment. We use specialist server migration equipment such as server cases that are created specifically for the purpose of server relocation. We are equipped and fully skilled in the complete relocation of data centres and individual servers, so no matter what size your business, we can accommodate your needs perfectly.

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