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Help for your first-time business IT relocation

Published on 08 April 2020

Help for your first-time business IT relocation

It may not take too long before many small businesses find themselves running out of space. Once this happens, and it becomes time to move your business to a new location, the whole process of moving your operation can appear quite daunting!

Each year many thousands of small and medium-sized businesses realise that a business move is required to continue their company growth plans. This may mean moving to larger premises, a better trading area that is closer to a major transport hub or offers a better road network.

It can make good financial sense to relocate your business, especially if it improves your chances of success and your options are limited in your current location. But for most businesses, moving is the only way to expand.

Why choosing a better location matters

There are normally five main reasons why a business will choose to relocate: 

·         Making it easier to source staff

·         Better transport links

·         The need to upgrade their facilities

·         To meet increasing demand 

·         To improve company image and reputation 

Relocating your business operation to a more prominent and busy location can add better visibility and recognition for your business name, plus with better transport links it makes it easier for your staff to get to and from work.

Moving to an area with a good reputation is also good for business, especially if you are moving away from an area or neighbourhood that is on the down-turn with lots of empty buildings or an increasing crime rate.

Outgrowing your business premises

Once you find yourself struggling to operate effectively in an undersized workplace that lacks the facilities you need to maintain efficiency, then moving to larger premises makes sense.

A new workplace can offer you much better facilities, access to local services, improved utilities and communications infrastructure.

 Moving to new business premises also allows you to inspect, plan and install needed infrastructures for your telecommunications and IT not only for now, but going into the future giving you the extra capacity to continue to grow and expand without the need for another relocation for a few years.

While relocating your business carries some risks, making a move can be one of the best things you can do for your future business success. By moving you are stacking the odds of success in your favour. Because you may have already been in business for some time, you will not only be taking with you your existing customers and goodwill, but you will be expanding your capacity to take on more business and customers.

Mitigating the risks associated with your move

For your first ever business relocation, you don't get any guarantee that everything will go according to plan. As this is your first time attempting a move, it can be easy to make some very common mistakes.

The most common mistake is rushing into the decision to move and focussing too much on the overall cost of the move without taking into consideration the many smaller issues you will come across during the process.

Hurrying to move too quickly and attempting to move as cheaply as you can are the two most common mistakes business owners make the first time they attempt a relocation. Failing to plan can scupper your whole moving project.

Don't set a time limit for your move

There is no set time for how long your relocation should take. Make sure you don't act too soon to hand in your notice to your current building owner because you don't want to be in a position further down the line where your move is delayed, or turns out to be more complicated than you envisaged and you have a set date pressing to vacate the building.

Most first-time businesses relocating, make this their first mistake. They are so keen and eager to get started that they hand in their notice to vacate the building even before they have a well-structured moving plan in place.

Never set your date until you have a well thought out plan on how you will execute it. 

Keeping your business running during the move

Remember that throughout all of your relocation efforts, you will still need to keep a skeleton working infrastructure in place that will allow you to carry on your business while furniture and machinery are being dismantled and packed into boxes.

You will also need time to make sure that your new business premises will be ready and able to accept your move smoothly and efficiently. This means you need to have your new location wired up ready to go with all electrical, fire and health & safety checks and certifications in place.

 Many unfamiliar and unforeseen factors and complications can delay your move and add to your estimated moving costs. Please give yourself plenty of flexibility with your moving budget and time frame to allow for these factors.

Planning your move

While making the decision to move is tough, making your move is what often causes the headache! So, make sure you start off by making a solid moving plan and drawing help for your plans from those with first-hand knowledge of what it takes to physically relocate a business.

This is why we would never suggest doing a DIY business relocation. Trying this may be tempting because using your own staff to pack up and relocate your business furniture and assets can save you a lot of cash, but in reality, there are all sorts of things that can, and will, go wrong when you place your into inexperienced hands.

The last thing you want to happen is for someone to get hurt on your watch. Trusting your office staff to move heavy or bulky furniture can be risky, especially if they are not trained in the correct lifting techniques to prevent injury to themselves or damage to the equipment they are moving. 

Hire a professional business moving company

While it is very sensible to hire a professional office moving company for all of your furniture and non-critical office equipment, you should never trust a regular office moving firm to move your sensitive IT equipment or data centre servers and equipment.

Working with a professional business IT relocation company such as Restore Technology can take care of the many challenges of making your IT relocation work. We can help you with every aspect of your move, including deciding what IT assets and equipment to take with you, and which you need to dispose of in a secure manner that doesn't put you at risk of a data breach.

From a budgeting point of view, it can be far cheaper to sort out and safely dispose of your redundant IT assets rather than pay to have them packed up and moved over to your new premises.

You should also choose a reliable staff member to assign as your project manager for the move. They will be your main point of contact to keep you and your staff well informed of how the move is progressing, whilst being the key worker liaising with our team at Restore Technology throughout the move.

You don't need to move every single item you own

Why would you even look forward to moving to your new business premises only to find it stuffed full of things that you don't really want or need to run your business. Moving your business to a new location gives you the chance for a good spring clean and your housekeeping duties should include getting rid of all your redundant assets.

 You could sell your old office furniture on eBay so another new start-up could benefit from your good quality cast-offs. You can also use Restore Technology services to help you recoup some of your money back from your spent, broken or redundant IT assets.

We operate a strict zero to landfill policy and always ensure that any IT recycling we collect is dealt with in a manner which creates minimal environmental impact. You can make use of our IT disposal and data destruction services to safely dispose of your old IT assets in a way that benefits you as well as the planet.

Take out business insurance for your move

Relocating your business is a risky time where your valuable business assets are at risk of being broken, lost or even stolen during the relocation process, whether by accident, human error or by intention.

You can check your current business insurance policy to see if you have cover for your business move. If you don't have any cover, you can talk to your insurance provider to see if you can get adequate cover added to your policy or you can look at taking out moving insurance to cover you for the duration of your relocation.

Logistics planning

Choose your moving date and time of day carefully! Try not to plan your move during the rush hour or during a time of year when you have a higher chance of experiencing bad weather that can negatively affect your move, especially regarding your electrical and IT assets.

Plan your road route well too! While it may be tempting to simply plot a route that takes you the shortest time or distance to get to your new business premises, if that route takes you through an area of heavy roadworks, lots of traffic calming road humps or along a track of road that you know is full of potholes, then this isn't going to be good for the integrity of your sensitive data centre equipment that is particularly brittle and easily damaged.

Restore Technology IT relocation services

Our expert team of IT relocation officers are security-vetted IT engineers. Our team work year-round handling many professional IT relocations for companies both large and small.

You can make the best use of our years of experience and great knowledge to fully manage your IT move, ensuring minimal disruption to your business, while operating swiftly and efficiently to get your business moved and back up and running as quickly as possible.

We can help you even if you have a small, one-off IT relocation, or a major plan for a large move involving a lot of IT assets within your organisation. Our IT relocation services include: 

·         Decommissioning your IT equipment

·         Photographing and mapping your desks

·         Packing up your tagged and inventoried IT equipment into secure flight cases

·         Moving your equipment to the next destination using unmarked, GPS tracked vehicles

·         Re-installation of your equipment and set up exactly how we found it 

With our full end-to-end IT relocation services, you will be able to minimise your downtime, protect your sensitive data-bearing IT assets from damage, theft or loss of data and move with total security and confidence. 

We will also ensure that your redundant IT assets are properly disposed of in accordance with current Data Protection Act regulations so that you can have great peace of mind knowing your business remains compliant to your duties to protect your sensitive company data. 

Do not hesitate to contact our team at Restore Technology to find out more about how we can help you with your business IT relocation. We are here to help!