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How to Prepare for an IT Relocation

Published on 25 July 2018

How to Prepare for an IT Relocation

Relocating your IT and telecommunications facilities can be a massive job and if things go wrong, it can have a catastrophic effect on the business.  That’s why working with an expert IT Relocation Company is important. However, there is also some preparation needed at the company end before the big move. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the big IT relocation.

1. Start the planning

At the very earliest stage of the process, it is a good idea to assign someone as the manager or coordinator for the project.  Someone within the IT team is usually a good idea as they will have the best understanding of the system and tech involved.

Get quotes and decide on an IT relocation company so that you know who you are working with from the earliest point.  Make sure you know the relocation date and arrange for them to visit the new and existing locations.

Finally get in touch with all IT and telecom services providers to let them know about the move, when it is happening and where your business is moving to, so they can change their records and systems.

2. Review the equipment

A thorough inventory of all the IT and telecoms equipment within the business should be done ahead of the move.  This is the time to assess what you have and see if you want to make upgrades or to change any of the providers that you use.  Check any cancellation terms if you aren’t at the end of contracts.

Decide what is moving and what isn’t.  this is the point to sort eco-friendly disposal of all equipment that isn’t going with you.  Have a list of anything that needs replacing and start getting quotes or ideas of the cost involved.  Test all the equipment that is moving to ensure it works well.

3. Site visit

In the lead up to the move, you want to make a site visit to the new location usually with your IT relocation company.  This is the point to look at the existing voice, data and video networks to see if upgrades are needed or if extra equipment is going to be required.

This is also the time to map out the new location with essentials such as power outlets, telephone and network cabling.  Decide where printers, faxes, copiers and other office essentials will be located and figure out the server room if there will be one.

4. Prepare for the move

By now you know what is moving and what isn’t, but it is also important to back everything up, even if the equipment is travelling to the new location.  It can be easy for something to go wrong and equipment to be damaged – without backups, important data could be lost.

It is also a good time to test your Business Continuity Plan to make sure it covers everything that could go wrong during the move.  Double check all the arrangements with ISPs and other providers to make sure everything is ready for the switch.

5. Move day

Move day will be stressful but with the right preparation and the right partnerships, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a complete success.  Don’t forget to test all equipment as soon as possible after the move to ensure there are no problems when staff arrive to start using it with customers.  Check everything from incoming and outgoing emails to internet connections and check that Broadband speed. Check the phone system and make sure all office equipment is working.  Then you can go home and have a well-earned rest!

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