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IT Recycling – How to Do It Safely and Securely

Published on 07 August 2018

IT Recycling – How to Do It Safely and Securely

All computer equipment has a lifespan and when your PCs and other IT gear reaches it, there is always a concern about safe recycling.  There are a couple of main considerations around IT Recycling and different routes to take to deal with them.


Recycle by the new equipment provider

It may be that the company providing you with the new IT equipment also have a system where they take and recycle the old gear.  Many retailers do this for domestic customers and some do it for commercial customers as well. If a provider does offer this service, they need to give you certain information including how the equipment will be reused and recycled.  Often this information is provided with all new purchases.


Computer recycling schemes

For some equipment, such as PC, laptops and printers, you may be able to donate the items to a charity who run a recycling scheme.  This is where equipment is securely wiped clean before being freshened up and either given or sold to raise funds for a charity. Some local authorities also offer similar schemes to avoid equipment going to local recycling centres when there is still a chance it can be useful.


Use a recycling specialist

The third option is often best for businesses, especially if there are a few items that need handling at one time – working with a recycling specialist.  This will ensure that all sensitive information will be destroyed from the hard-drives and that the equipment is either recycled or properly disposed of, depending on its condition.


Safe and secure IT disposal

Whatever approach you take to IT recycling, you always need to be certain that any information on the computers cannot be accessed at a later date.  This is part of data protection laws and means your business could end up with a fine if it doesn’t handle the job properly.


Why you can trust Restore Technology for IT Recycling

Restore Technology is a division of Restore, a well-established service company that offers secure disposal of sensitive business data, as well as leading-edge IT relocations, and secure document storage and more.

Our specialist team brings together the skills and experience of a number of notable, trusted and accredited companies to provide and comprehensive service for your safe IT asset disposal and IT recycling.

We cover three main services – IT Lifecycle Services, IT Relocation, and Printer Cartridge Recycling.

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