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Onsite IT Destruction

Published on 07 August 2019

Onsite IT Destruction

What is onsite IT destruction?

Our onsite IT destruction erases data found on IT devices. This helps to keep your company compliant with the latest data protection laws, whilst also ensuring that others don’t get their hands on your information. With the reliable service offered by Restore Technology, your IT data is always handled appropriately by our team of qualified experts. 

With onsite IT destruction, the process is completed quickly, efficiently, and securely. If you’re curious, we can even let you watch the destruction of your IT assets take place! 

Why is IT destruction important?

When your IT assets have reached the end of their life, Restore can offer you the solution of onsite IT destruction. By letting us carry out your IT destruction, you prevent the loss, theft, and misuse of personal data. Proper IT destruction can truly make the difference between your company information being preserved, and your sensitive information being wrongfully accessed. 

We are certain that you don’t want to be faced with the unwelcome realisation that someone has been accessing your confidential information, and because of this, destruction of old IT assets needs to take place. Today, a large number of discarded assets are being sold on second-hand, with previous owners not realising that they may have unwittingly given criminals access to private data. Not only could the access of confidential data harm you and your company, it could have devastating consequences for customers who may have had their information stored on your IT systems. Strangers picking up personal data is a nightmare situation for many businesses. However, you don’t need to lose sleep about it! When you reach out to a company such as Restore, we are happy to explain to you all about how we can help. 

It should also be noted that IT destruction shouldn’t be an afterthought, especially as companies are legally bound to adhere to GDPR. Due to this requirement, management of private and personal information should be done extremely carefully. If data destruction is not completed, you may well be fined. 

What erasure can Restore Technology complete?

We can securely destroy a range of IT equipment. This includes:

  • Hard drives

  • USBs

  • Other media devices

These are all products that need to be suitably discarded, so that information on these devices can’t be used for malicious purposes.

As we know that each person’s needs will vary when it comes to onsite IT destruction, we can complete both physical destruction of your assets and logical erasure. We wipe your devices clean of the information that was stored on them, and leave you confident in the fact that no one will be able to access your data later on. To complete physical destruction of your assets, we take steps such as shredding, punching, and degaussing. Following these processes, information on your IT assets can’t be found or used. We also work in accordance with all relevant legislation, as we always want to offer you the very best service. 

Why choose onsite IT destruction?

Technology is always changing and progressing, and we understand your preference to work with the best systems whenever you can. Due to this, some companies can find themselves getting rid of IT assets fairly frequently. This in turn, creates redundant assets, as companies feel they have outgrown their old systems. To avoid sensitive information being found, these systems have to be properly destroyed. 

We have found that many people are now choosing onsite IT and media destruction. We think that people especially like this option, as it is great if you want to know that your technology has been destroyed just moments after it has been collected. Furthermore, opting to have IT destruction performed onsite, can make you feel even more assured about the legitimacy of the company you are using. With Restore Technology, you can see the process of one of our operatives taking the IT assets from your office to the shredding van, and then watch as these objects are destroyed.

Restore Technology are more than happy to bring our onsite IT destruction to you. However, we are also more than able to carry out off site IT destruction. The latter option suits some people better. If you do choose this, we have state-of-the-art IT disposal facilities all around the UK. Of course, if you’re not sure if off site or onsite destruction is best for you and why, we can easily discuss what might be better for your individual case. 

Is onsite IT destruction worth the cost?

We provide an economical way to deal with your unwanted or unneeded IT assets. If you know a thing or two about IT, you’ll be aware that even when you delete something, information may still be discoverable and recoverable. Although you may have deleted some information on an IT system, is it permanently deleted? Could a determined third-party find out some of your company’s most sensitive information if they looked hard enough? Have you taken adequate security measures to keep clients and colleagues safe? 

With the amount of confidential information that can be obtained through IT assets, your company needs to ensure that it takes extra measures to tighten security around this. If you are worried about your data not being truly gone even after you think it is, you can use the services of Restore Technology to help. Our reputable business offers companies solutions regarding IT destruction. We can cater to businesses all over the UK, and we can work locally so that destruction takes place as soon as possible.  

How do you keep IT assets safe during onsite IT destruction?

At Restore Technology, we use enhanced security measures to guarantee that you get the best service from us. This includes:

  • Using tracked, unmarked vehicles that deliver to and from our secure destruction facilities.

  • A fully recorded and reportable audit trail using STREAMS® , our customer web based portal.

If you choose to go for our off-site IT destruction, our secure site has:

  • Automated gates

  • CCTV

  • Fire detection

  • Remote monitoring

  • Secure loading

  • Biometrics

When should IT data be destroyed?

Although you may now recognise the importance of data being destroyed, it’s also important to realise exactly when that data should be destroyed. This is because with our permanent onsite IT destruction, there is no way to get information back. This is obviously ideal for files and data that no longer have a use, or for consumer information that should only be kept for so long. IT data may also need to be destroyed when systems are not functioning as they ought or when superior systems are planning to be used instead. However, it is always good to double check whatever IT files you are looking to dispose of, to ensure you get rid of the right things! 

How should I dispose of hard drives and IT files?

The most safe and reliable way to dispose of hard drives and IT files is to use a certified company, such as Restore Technology. This will mean that you won’t have to be concerned about secure information getting into the wrong hands.

With paper, it can be easy to shred documents (although expert services, such as Restore Datashred, can certainly complete this to a much higher level), but it can be difficult to know what to do about IT files.

To avoid having doubts and uncertainties plague your mind, we have our onsite IT destruction that allows you to have any information on your devices completely destroyed. An incredible amount of information can be stored on IT devices, and so you will want to make sure that you use a service that can completely destroy this. 

Is onsite IT destruction eco-friendly?

If you don’t know much about Restore already, we are proud to be making an effort towards being a bit greener than the competition. We are 100% committed to recycling and consequently have 0% landfill policy. This has led us to recycle all of the IT products we destroy. We recognise our environmental responsibility and so carry out computer recycling and carefully manage any e-waste.

We also ensure that any waste that is created is properly managed and doesn’t get diverted to a non-OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) country. After we destroy the assets you have asked us to, we take the pieces to be recycled. We want to reduce waste, and so even when you don’t need to use your equipment any more, we make sure that the destroyed components of your IT assets can be used again. To ensure that the recycling is also carried out to the highest standards, we work with a great team of audited UK downstream partners. We hope to act ethically in all we do, and as part of this, recycling is very important to us. 

Are recycling rates better with an IT destruction company?

Though you may be tempted to try simply try and recycle your IT assets, if you do not take measures to ensure that data is erased from these assets, you could find yourself in big trouble later down the line. 

To avoid having a negative impact through your attempt at recycling your IT assets, use Restore Technology, who will happily destroy the information on your systems and then recycle the materials. There are many recycling schemes out there, but you can trust that our partners in the recycling industry will handle your materials with the utmost professionalism. We hope to see your waste technology materials have new life through the repurposing of them into new products. 

Despite some local council recycling centres being able to provide good ways to recycle of electrical equipment, with the many components that are used in IT systems, coupled with the need for security being maintained throughout, it is not advisable to take your old or defunct IT assets to a normal recycling site. Additionally, most people do not have a thorough enough understanding of parts that can and cannot be recycled. However, Restore are able to work with our great system of recycling companies so that your IT waste can have new life as something great for someone else.

Is onsite IT destruction better for health and safety?

Not only do we recycle IT components because this reduces waste ending up in landfill, but we also want to avoid any toxic materials ending up in landfill too. It can be easy for some people to forget that electronic components often contain heavy metals, and many of these heavy metals are extremely toxic, even at low levels of exposure. At Restore Technology, we want to look after both people and the planet. Hazardous materials found in computer components can cause damage to the environment, hurt animals, and harm humans. This is why after the destruction of your assets, we have a thorough process in place for careful recycling and the safe handling of your e-waste. 

Restore Technology for IT destruction

Restore Technology are professionals in onsite IT destruction. When you choose us for IT destruction, you can avoid penalties and a ruined reputation that could occur after insecure IT disposal. We are knowledgeable about the latest data protection laws and make sure we implement the best practices throughout our businesses.

Our certifications include:

  • Distinction with Honours certification from ADISA (Asset Disposition Information Security Alliance)

  • Official silver partner of Blancco

  • Fully certified with the British Standards Institute’s Information Security Management standard

  • Met the standards for Cyber Essentials

  • Met e-Stewards standards

  • Have the ISO 9001 & 14001 (Cardington) certification

  • Have gained the NSF mark

  • Are SafeContractor accredited

Contact Restore Technology

Data breaches too often occur, and with the wealth of information that can be stored on IT devices, you should use an expert company to destroy of your assets. 

If you would like to learn more about our onsite IT destruction, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you and provide you with the best IT destruction services.