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What to look for when choosing professional IT disposal services

Published on 10 May 2019

What to look for when choosing professional IT disposal services


Disposing of your IT waste in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way is a very common challenge to meet for most business owners.

There are many companies that offer professional IT disposal services, but when checking out these companies you need to make sure that they are disposing of your IT waste carefully, in accordance with current data protection laws regarding any stored data that may still be present on your IT assets.

You should also check to see that their end of life practices are carried out with an awareness of environmental issues caused by redundant IT equipment and that they strive to reduce the environmental impact of their disposal services.


Assessing your waste stream


If you want to improve your waste disposal process by including more recycling practices, then it would be worth looking closely at your current waste stream to see where your company waste ends up at the end of its useful life.

While there has been a lot of action taken to raise awareness of recycling schemes set up by local councils for dealing with business waste such as cardboard and plastic waste, many councils still don't offer environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your used IT assets.

An environmentally sound and very economically efficient way to deal with your redundant IT assets is through hiring professional IT disposal services.

Restore Technology offers professional recycling and waste management services to businesses all over the UK. Our IT disposal services will help your company to improve operations, meet with your regulatory requirements for the safe disposal of sensitive data, increase diversion rates of your business and help to remedy any environmental issues and concerns over your IT destruction and disposal.


Keeping on top of your IT recycling


Within just about every business in the UK there is a constant need to keep up with the digital age. There is always an ever-growing demand for new and more sophisticated computer technology, which means that most businesses are very tech-hungry and have a huge appetite for new IT equipment.

With most standard office computing technology becoming obsolete within a few short years of purchase (often within only two to three years), many business owners are faced with the mammoth task of what to do with their ever-increasing amount of redundant IT assets.

Simply throwing out their old computer equipment with their regular office waste actually goes against many current environmental regulations as well as breaching some Data Protection Act laws.

Fortunately, this is where the IT disposal services of Restore Technology can come in very useful. We can help you with your IT assets throughout their entire lifetime, including:


IT end of life services


It is your end-of-life IT disposal that we are focussing on here and there are certain precautions that you need to take when disposing of your spent IT assets. This includes the safe disposal of hazardous materials.

There are many pieces of computer equipment that are known to contain materials that are harmful to the environment, including heavy metals and minerals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and sometimes even hexavalent chromium.

There are strict environmental laws that cover the disposal of hazardous materials to prevent them from finding their way into water sources, which can often happen when old computer equipment gets illegally dumped into landfill sites.

Hiring a professional computer disposal service such as Restore Technology to help you will ensure that your company will remain fully compliant in accordance with the UK's WEEE directive and Controlled Hazardous Waste legislation.


Avoiding fines and data breaches


By turning over the responsibility of your IT disposal to a reputable company with a proven track record you don't have to worry about disposing of your used equipment by yourself and this will help you to stay compliant with the law and avoid steep fines being imposed for any breaches in legislation.

As you will know, there are lots of computer devices that can store a lot of information. This may include sensitive data about your customers or confidential financial details or transaction by your company.

To prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands you need to ensure the proper destruction of any stored data on your IT equipment.

Restore Technology are industry experts in data destruction. We utilise cutting edge methods for the total destruction of your data-containing devices where absolutely nothing will be recoverable once processed.


How it works


You may have a lot of redundant IT equipment stockpiled that needs to be disposed of. This needs to be done regularly if you want to protect your company from data breaches coming from stored data on your old devices.

Restore Technology will come out to your business premises and will carry out the fully-compliant destruction of these assets for you. What is great about this service is that you can witness for yourself the complete and absolute destruction of your sensitive data-containing devices.

Once destroyed, we will also safely dispose of your fragmented waste production too! We will take away the residue to be further sorted and processed. This involves our fully audited and trusted network of partner companies removing metals and materials that can be reused.

We will provide you with a certificate of destruction upon completion. This can help with your audit trail and will be proof of your compliance with current Data Protection Act rules as well as environmental disposal legislation.


No available space on your business premises?


If your business is situated in a high-rise office block or you lack available ground-level space to accommodate our mobile CESG-approved data destruction vehicle services, then you can choose instead to use our secure off-site end-of-life It disposal services.

Your IT equipment disposal will go through the exact same destruction procedures as you will witness with our on-site services. The only difference is that the destruction will take place at our secure in-house facilities.

Our off-site destruction facilities are completely secure and prohibit entry from anyone other than our fully-vetted and authorised security personnel. There are no risks of any data breaches happening because your IT equipment is completely secured and monitored throughout its journey from the pick up at your business premises right to being fed into the jaws of our industrial sized shredding machines.

You will receive a certificate of destruction that contains the time, date and other details of the destruction, including the names of the officers completing the work.


IT Equipment Recycling & Reuse


There is far more to the safe disposal of your redundant IT equipment than having it completely destroyed. You also have the option of putting your old IT assets into the circular economy by recycling useable pieces of IT equipment for other businesses to make use of.

In the UK there are new businesses being set up every day. Many small businesses are starting up on a very tight budget where they may not be able to afford brand new IT equipment.

Some new start-ups are launching with a green ethos so they will be purposefully looking to equip their business with refurbished IT assets to help keep them from going to landfill and to give their company the ethical, environmentally-friendly edge they are looking for.

You can actually enjoy a favourable return on Investment from your original IT asset purchases. By using Restore Technology for your IT disposal solution, you can benefit from our long experience and trusted industry connections.

We can help you to maximise the potential channels for resale of your used IT assets and electronic equipment. We do this through carefully managing and controlling sales of your usable equipment to ensure the best possible return for your business.

Why let your old IT assets sit around gathering dust and taking up valuable office space when you can recycle them back into the circular economy and recoup some of your original costs.


How Restore Technology can help


Our in-house team of expert It technicians will be able to give your old IT assets a full audit. We will be able to identify pieces of IT equipment that are still perfectly workable and suitable to be refurbished and reused.

We will conduct thorough data removal and destruction to ensure that none of your sensitive information remains stored on your IT assets. This means that your company will meet with your compliance needs according to the Data Protection Act.

During the recycling process you automatically receive these supporting documents:

  • Recycling notification document: You authorise us to remove and dispose of identified products in any way that we see fit as long as the route is green.
  •  Production of Compliant Waste Transfer documentation
  • Recycling Receipts/Waste Transfer Note: The recycling receipt provides you with the exact tonnage of the material we have recovered from your site. This also carries information about our registration to be an authorised carrier of waste.

The above documentation will be supplied to you complete with an official recycling certificate which verifies your compliance with your responsibilities, provides details of the amounts and types of waste processed and confirmation that all has been processed in accordance with our recycling quality programme.

We offer your business a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of a secure and compliant end-of-life IT disposal services that perfectly fits your needs.


Improving your image


Not only will you be directly benefiting your workplace by freeing up some much-needed office or storage space by getting rid of your old IT equipment, but you will also be positively boosting your public image through your environmentally sound disposal methods and 'green practices'.

The public is becoming even more environmentally conscious in the 21st Century so it is very important that a business not only fully complies with all of its requirements to meet with the UK's WEEE directive and Controlled Hazardous Waste legislation, but it is seen doing so on a public level.

All UK businesses now have environmental and social responsibilities to meet, so should always consider the impact of their business procedures and practices has on the environment, whether globally or within their local community.

Restore Technology are striving hard to achieve our aim of 0% landfill so by working closely with us and choosing us for your IT disposal services, you will also benefit from reducing your environmental impact.


Choose the right company to work with


Choosing the right company to work with for your IT disposal is of critical importance, especially when you have data security risks that could prove to be an issue. Should any of your confidential data fall into the wrong hands it could lead to some serious legal nightmares.

What you need is a company to dispose of your redundant IT assets in a safe and ethical way. This will not only help you to ensure you save yourself plenty of legal headaches over the safe disposal of your sensitive data that may be stored on your devices, but you will also be avoiding the risk of falling foul of any regulatory issues.

By using our professional services you could even save yourself some money, especially where we can recycle and reuse your spent IT equipment and sell it back to the circular economy on your behalf.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Restore Technology if you want more help or information about the safe disposal of your unwanted IT equipment. We are here to help!