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Why you should consider shredding your hard drives

Published on 19 April 2018

Why you should consider shredding your hard drives

There are a variety of methods of destroying a hard drive, often carried out in combination for maximum effectiveness. One of the most utilised approaches is to shred the hard drives, reducing them to random chunks from which no data can be obtained.

At Restore Technology – IT Lifecycle Services, we have the tools on hand to shred your hard drives to your specification, this can be down to 6mm if required, ensuring that the entire drive is destroyed.

Every component is shredded, from the platters to the spindle to the actuator, ensuring the complete eradication of any data from the device.

The rapidly approaching General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are only set to increase the importance of clear documentation surrounding your asset disposal, with a strong requirement for you to be able to show a full audit trail for any of your destroyed data.

When we carry out IT asset disposal services, we collect your assets in unmarked, GPS tracked vehicle and deliver them to our secure, biometric entry system facilities. They are then disposed of using the method of your choosing, after which you receive your certificate of destruction.

During the whole process we provide a fully recorded and reportable audit trail using our customer portal, and we ensure all assets are disposed of to CPNI CESG standard.