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Worried about Secure IT Disposal for Your Company?

Published on 11 June 2018

Worried about Secure IT Disposal for Your Company?

How companies collect and store data is a hot topic these days, especially since the introduction of the new GDPR rules that came into effect on the 25th May 2018. As many companies have now changed their data collection and storage infrastructure to manage their data, many bosses are now asking themselves: What about all the old IT devices that have important data stored on them? How do I correctly manage those assets? Secure IT disposal is the perfect solution here.

To manage the need for you to dispose of your old and obsolete IT assets, Restore can offer you their professional services for your secure IT disposal. Our processes offer the appropriate removal and disposal of sensitive data from a various number of IT storage devices, such as hard drives, memory cards and other forms of media storage.

What happens during secure IT disposal?

Restore have procedures put in place that include the safe removal of critical data from all of your storage devices. Our procedures also cover the collection and transportation of your devices in the safest and secure manner that prevents any risk of data breaches or identity theft en-route to our secure disposal facilities.

There is no need to worry about any of your critical data going missing, but should you be concerned, you could opt for our on-site data disposal services where we can come out to your premises to safely destroy your IT assets right in front of your eyes.

Should you not be able to accommodate our mobile services on your business premises, then you can rest assured about our strict procedures that deal with the safe collection and transportation of your IT assets to our destruction facilities.

You can have your IT assets collected via our secure collection service that is manned by our fully vetted and uniformed security staff. Each member of our collection team carries official company ID and we will pre-arrange our collection with you so that you will know when to expect our team.

Our security staff will collect, load and transport your IT assets into our fully tracked, unmarked vehicles and at no time will your IT assets be left unattended or unsecured. Your assets will be swiftly transported to our secure disposal facility, with full CCTV coverage, where they will be immediately processed without delay.

Once the destruction of your redundant IT assets is completed, we will issue you with a Certificate of Media Destruction that details the exact date, time, and destruction process as well the names of the security operatives involved in the destruction of your IT assets.

The whole process from start to finish is quite intricate – not a single storage device is left unattended during the data destruction process, and no storage device is missed or overlooked.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

You can be rest assured that each and every data storage device you trust us with will get thoroughly wiped of all information. There will be no usable trace of data that could be lifted or used by criminals. We also have a zero-waste policy at Restore that means that we take the final disposal of your hardware very seriously. We will re-use viable components where we can and will recycle any leftovers for their re-usable materials.

Our IT destruction processes are certified to the following standards, ADISA (Distinction with Honours), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and e-stewards.

Visit us here to find out more about our secure IT destruction and recycling services. Or contact us today to discuss your needs.