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Why Your Business Needs IT Asset Management

IT asset management is a business practice that combines financial, contractual and inventory functions to help with the management of IT equipment life cycles and to ensure strategic decision making.  The aim of IT asset management or ITAM is to be a key part of a company’s organisational strategy and includes both hardware and software.

5 Things to Consider When Undertaking a Data Centre Relocation

There are any number of reasons why your company needs to relocate its data centre – it may be a space issue, an economic one, relating to mergers and acquisitions or even to comply with regulations.  Whatever the case, data centre migration is a big job and can potentially go very wrong. Here are five key considerations for a data centre relocation to help you spot potential pitfalls.

6 Reasons Your Business Might Need IT Support Services

Running a business is all about balancing the needs of the business versus the cost of paying someone to do those jobs.  One of the most commonly outsourced jobs is for IT support services. These are where you get the benefits of an IT support person or team without the need to employ them fully or part-time within the company.  Here are some of the reasons it might be the ideal solution for your company.

Secure IT Destruction For Your Business

Our team of professional IT destruction experts at Restore are here to help you to safely manage and dispose of your redundant and obsolete IT assets. We specialise in identifying and collecting your end-of-life IT assets so that we can conduct a complete removal of your sensitive data from your electronic storage disks. We can then take apart your assets to re-use any usable parts or  components, and recycle any leftover materials for future use. We can also securely shred hard drives and data storage devices that cannot be recycled for any reason.

Do You Need Your Old IT Recycling?

Not only do you need to securely dispose of your old company paper-based files when they reach the end of their useful life, you also need to take extra care to dispose of your electronic data in a way that doesn't cost the earth. This is why you should come to Restore for your end of life IT recycling needs. Not only will you be able to safely dispose of your unwanted IT, you will be saving your company or organisation from the risk of suffering a financial penalty for failing to adhere to current Data Protection requirements.

Secure IT Disposal Advice and Best Practice

Every company needs to put in place a secure IT disposal best practice procedure that staff should adhere to for when it comes necessary to dispose of old, broken down or damaged IT equipment. This is where Restore can help you.

How to Perform Secure IT moves for Businesses

Planning your secure IT moves out well in advance is crucial here. You can never plan early enough, so don't leave planning your move until the last minute or disaster may strike. This is where hiring the professional expertise and industry knowledge that Restore can offer makes great sense.