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IT disposal & destruction
for the defence sector


We guarantee to meet the security policy of any company, and meet any data destruction standard globally.





Leading IT disposal for the defence sector


We have provided secure IT disposal services to most central government secure departments and a wealth of companies in the defence sector. Services are provided on-site or off, for data classifications up to and including top secret data, and we are government approved to destroy media to the highest UK security level.

We are a nationwide single source service for all aspects of IT asset disposal and data destruction, and can provide IT asset services across the full lifecycle, including relocations, asset management and deployment.




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We are experts in IT disposal & data destruction, government-approved to destroy data-bearing media to the highest UK security level. We can collect assets with our own secure vehicles to destroy in our facilities, or we can carry out on-site destruction as required. Our services meet all regulations and we are highly accredited.


IT disposal


Maximising the value of your IT, for the majority of our customers we can recoup enough value from their unwanted IT to fully cover the cost of disposal. This service helps promote the circular economy, allowing you to unlock the value of your outgoing assets whilst ensuring their lifecycles are maximised.


IT resale


Auditing your IT infrastructure to collect detailed hardware and software inventory information, using it to boost productivity, reduce costs and ensure compliance. ITAM (IT asset management) is even more important following the covid-19 pandemic in order to ensure remote workers are fully supported.


IT asset management


Making use of secure logistics and security-vetted IT engineers to carry out IT moves of any size. We can fully manage your staff moves - Restore are the UK market leader in commercial relocation, and can also move server and data centres with ease, all with minimum disruption to your operations.


IT relocation





Secure IT destruction for the Ministry of Defence


We cleared the entire IT infrastructure from the MoD's old war office building. Working across 1080 rooms of IT equipment, we dismantled over 320 racks of equipment and destroyed 14000 HDDs & media devices.


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About us


We are the UK's leading ITAD provider, operating some of the most advanced facilities in our industry. We are highly secure, and offer a range of cost-effective IT solutions.






it recycling for schools, colleges and universities



How to dispose of your IT safely

Choose an accredited ITAD provider

Your provider should be highly experienced, ideally with a strong history of working with other customers in the defence sector. Keep an eye out for case studies and other information about their previous work.

They should be highly accredited, with certifications to show that they have had audits carried out on their services and have been found to meet all required criteria. A key accreditation for ITAD (IT asset disposition) providers is the ADISA accreditation, which involves surprise audits to verify that the company in question is using the correct procedures for IT disposal.

Check that their services are suitable for you

These are the services we would suggest are required for companies in the defence sector

  • Secure collection of your assets using GPS tracked vehicles (or on-site IT destruction if preferred)
  • An inventory report outlining what was collected
  • Complete data erasure using certified processes (or physical destruction if preferred)
  • If your outgoing IT does not need to be fully destroyed, the ITAD provider may be able to offer a remarketing service, first wiping all data from the devices then reselling them before returning a rebate to you 

Ensure your outgoing IT is fully erased

Simple deletion of files from a device does not ensure the data is removed. Such a process only removes the pointers to tell you where the data is being held, and not necessarily the data itself.

A reputable ITAD provider will use certified, industry-approved erasure tools to overwrite all sectors of a data storage device, until verification tests confirm that 100% data erasure has been achieved.

This is the ideal solution, as the device is left intact and ready for reuse, helping both the environment and allowing you to earn a rebate on its resale.

However for those who are more security conscious, as with the defence sector, a good ITAD provider will be able to offer a physical destruction service, either on or off-site. Such destruction can include degaussing, punching and shredding.

Collect and keep your documentation

Finally, your ITAD provider will provide you with documentation for your services, which you should keep together to help satisfy your regulatory and audit requirements.

Following these processes will ensure that your IT disposal is carried out smoothly and with utmost security. Such services can’t be entrusted to non-professionals without significantly increasing your organisation’s risk of a breach. However a good ITAD will work with you to achieve the best solution for you, and this can be easily repeated as required in the future when you need to dispose of your IT.