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IT disposal and
data destruction


Experts in data destruction, we destroy media to the highest UK security level.





About our IT disposal services


We are industry leaders in IT disposal and destruction, we can meet the security policy of any company and meet all data destruction standards worldwide.

Our destruction services range from data erasure using certified software, through to complete physical destruction. Our recommended method of destruction is data erasure, the process is 100% reliable as all devices are verified after erasure, any device failing verification would undergo immediate physical destruction. This process is by far the most environmentally friendly as the devices can subsequently be reintroduced to market. This also allows us to recoup funds, typically enough to cover the cost of the service, and can in fact result in a positive net return.

Naturally we understand that certain businesses require the assurance of complete physical destruction, which is why we offer processes including on-site shredding, and off-site destruction. All assets are scanned and tracked, and a certificate of destruction will be issued following the process.




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   IT Disposal FAQS

Which IT destruction method do I require?

For the majority of our clients, data erasure (using certified software) is the best approach. This process allows for the assets to be remarketed, which in turn allows revenue to be returned to the client. The process is 100% secure, assets undergoing data erasure are verified afterwards, if they do not pass the verification process they are physically destroyed.

However it may be that you have a more rigorous policy, in which case we recommend you get in touch and one of our staff will be able to advise you of the best service to use. Alternatives include us attending your premises and destroying your assets on-site using one of our mobile shredding vehicles. Or we can collect the assets, transfer them in our secure, GPS tracked vehicles to one of our facilities for subsequent destruction via degaussing, punching, shredding, or a combination of these methods.

Which assets can be destroyed / erased?

Items we can erase include:


  • Hard drives
  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Network switches
  • Routers
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets


We can shred / physically destroy:


  • Hard drives
  • Backup magnetic tapes
  • Floppy disks / zip disks
  • Removable media / USB devices
  • Optical media (such as CDs and DVDs)
  • Mobile phones
  • RAM
  • Weapons and ammunition


Why must my data be destroyed?

Data security is a growing concern for modern businesses, who face the threat of data breaches and strict regulations. Under GDPR, companies are obliged to destroy all the data stored on data-bearing devices which are no longer used, with the possibility of fines for those businesses which don't adhere to the rules.

This is understandably a cause for concern for many businesses, but these regulations are established with the best interests of the public in mind, and any danger of penalties from such regulations can easily be mitigated by demonstrating good practices with your data. We strongly recommend working with an ITAD provider when disposing of your IT assets, as they will be able to meet all required regulations, including provision of full audit trails for each and every asset, and ensuring that your equipment does not end up in landfill.

How does the resale & rebate service work?

We have dedicated remarketing teams who work hard to maximise the value of the assets we process, remarketing the items through a range of channels in order to secure a revenue return for our clients.

Typically, the revenue we are able to generate will be enough to cover the cost of the service for our customers. The equipment we are able to remarket includes:

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Monitors
  • Hard drives
  • Servers and storage
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Network devices




On-site destruction


We provide highly secure on-site destruction services, meaning your sensitive data can be erased without ever leaving your premises. The service is designed to be quick, efficient and cost-effective, whilst giving you absolute peace of mind for you and your organisation. Full documentation is included and we are approved to carry out data destruction to the highest levels of security.







Restore Technology


Restore Technology are leading providers of ITAD services, operating some of the most advanced facilities in the industry.

Services are carried out at the highest level of security, and cover the entire lifecycle - from installation and deployment through to end of life disposal. Take a look at the video to find out more.








Case study spotlight - Secure data destruction for the MoD


In what would be one of the largest projects of its type undertaken within the UK at a top secret level, the old war office building was to be completely cleared of its entire IT infrastructure. The project involved removing assets from over 1000 rooms, ultimately 320 racks of equipment were dismantled, and 14,000 media devices were destroyed.


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