Case Studies

Case Studies

NHS scanning in partnership with EMIS

Sector: NHS & Healthcare

Restore Digital is the leading primary care digitisation partner within the UK. Our partnership with EMIS has enabled us to provide quicker electronic access to patient records for GP surgeries, ensuring security and quality around a process that is complex.

We have worked in partnership with EMIS since 2017 and with great success delivered complex, large scale Lloyd George digitisation. Through our extensive knowledge of GP practices, collaborative approach and learnings, we have made considerable service and process enhancements to create a proven methodology, underpinned by a commitment to excellence and ongoing improvements.

Bespoke Software

We have developed bespoke in-house software that allows us to track at patient and file level; to ensure we track medical records clearly through scan and secure destruction, while returning the Lloyd George wallets that remain property of the Crown. Our service and system have been designed to provide assurance that from the moment your records leave a practice, or third-party supplier, we as Data Processor, responsible for their safety and security throughout digitisation can pinpoint a record for return at any time.

Strong partnership

Our partnership with EMIS means that the service we deliver is truly end-to-end for each practice as once scanned and quality assured by the practice, they perform a reconciled, validated upload into the EMIS clinical system. They can also provide uploads into other clinical systems as required. As the leading clinical system supplier for GP surgeries in England, EMIS have developed an optimised process for uploading digitised Lloyd George files into EMIS Web and have completed the upload of over 5.8 million digital LG records since the project began. Their specialist Data Migration Team manages each upload whether for a small volume of additional practice notes or entire clinical system migrations. This ensures that the digital LG upload process is consistent and accurate every time, using proven technology and requiring little manual interaction.

Minimising burden on GP practices

We have also developed a tailored QC platform where GP practices can log on and check images scanned for quality sign off, quickly and easily. A product designed to minimise the burden on GP practices.

Key Facts

  • Over 5.8 million patient records scanned on behalf of GP surgeries
  • Over 530+ GP practices digitised through Restore

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