Restore Environmental Initiatives


As a service provider Restore does not manufacture products directly, however we do resell ‘flat pack’ archive containers (boxes / tubes) which are manufactured to our exact specification by a third party.

Container Raw Materials:

Our archive boxes are manufactured by a reputable supplier whose responsibly sourced raw materials have gained Forest Certification. Forest Certification is a system for identifying well-managed forestland. In this context, sustainability includes maintenance of ecological, economic, and social components. Products from certified forestland can, through chain-of-custody certification, move into production streams and in the end receive labelling that allows customers to know the product came from a certified, well-managed forest.

Container Design:

We provide ‘B flute’ boxes of double walled construction providing additional structural support for long term archive storage. The boxes have been designed to use the least amount of raw material, be easily constructed yet strong enough to withstand stacking, movement and transportation.

  • Boxes and Tubes are unbleached and are made from 70% Recycled Material; (Increasing the recycled portion above 70% is possible but has a detrimental effect on the strength and lifespan of the box);
  • Supplies (Boxes, Box Lids, Tubes) are bound with a single bind, the minimum amount of packaging; Supplies are usually delivered in conjunction with other requests to minimise vehicle trips;
  • Boxes and tubes are 100% recyclable.

Container Recycling:

Archive box cardboard is sent for recycling as KLS (Kraft Liner Substitute) and is turned into cardboard reels (cores) used in toilet rolls, paper rolls, carpet rolls, cling film rolls etc.


Restore operate an Environmental Management System which is being rolled out across new acquisitions. As part of that process Restore is rolling out improved energy efficiency measures to reduce impact on the environment and negate the impact of rising energy prices as explained below:


  • Lighting – Restore are migrating lighting towards T5 energy efficient lighting to reduce energy usage within the storage facilities;
  • Lighting – Where appropriate we have installed Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors, that detect a change in state as a person walks in front of them, turning the lights on and off automatically, minimising energy consumption;
  • Air Conditioning – Units are being changed to newer more energy efficient models;
  • Heaters – Heaters within storage facilities are only used in extremes of temperature to prevent large fluctuations in temperature.


  • Petrol /Diesel – Restore operate a modern fleet of vehicles to optimise fuel efficiency when on collections or deliveries;
  • Petrol/Diesel – Our dispatch teams plan deliveries and collections so that they take the most efficient route to cut down on fuel usage;
  • Petrol/Diesel – Our delivery vehicles are tracked using GPS tracking which also allows the routes to be monitored and improved to make them more efficient, to minimise fuel usage.


Restore has undertaken work with the Carbon Trust to put together a 10 point action plan on how we can reduce its environmental impact. Whilst we don’t produce any products directly, we do undertake a number of recycling initiatives to ensure that waste products are recycled where possible.

  • Paper – Paper is confidentially shredded, baled and recycled;
  • Cardboard – Archive box cardboard is sent for recycling as KLS (Kraft Liner Substitute) and is turned into cardboard reels (cores) used in toilet rolls, paper rolls, carpet rolls, cling film rolls etc;
  • Plastic – Collected and recycled;
  • Aluminium Cans – Collected and recycled;
  • Print Cartridges – Collected and recycled by IT Efficient;
  • Gas Suppression – Restore are migrating to Inergen™ Premier gas suppression systems which has zero impact on the ozone layer and is the ‘greenest’ fire suppressant available and does not leave behind any harmful decomposition agents. (It is a gas stored as 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% Carbon Dioxide, which all occur naturally.


As part of Restore’s commitment to environmental sustainability Restore have adopted a number of practices taken to limit the impact of our delivery fleet on the environment.

Modern Vehicle Fleet:

We have opted to lease the majority of our delivery vehicles, to ensure that we run a modern fleet of vehicles. The benefits of this policy are that modern vehicles provide improved fuel economy and reduced CO 2 emissions. In addition daily vehicle checks identify and resolve any issues likely to impact the environment. As an example low tyre pressures if left unchecked can reduce fuel efficiency.

Route Planning:

Efficient route planning by the dispatch team to organise the sequence of delivery runs and collections is an important component of ensuring that runs are efficient, to keep costs down and minimise the impact of the vehicles on the environment.

  • Routes are planned by the dispatch co-ordinator and drivers to ensure they are as efficient as possible;
  • Orders within the same geographic region are combined to cut down on fuel usage;
  • Daily driver meetings help optimise dispatch deliveries through sharing knowledge of road works or sharing route efficiencies.


Restore has 3 company representatives who meet to examine Restore’s Environmental impact and look at ways of reducing it.

  • John Ross – Facilities Manager
  • Tim Penrose – Quality Manager
  • David English – Commercial Manager

In addition when selecting sub contractors we request partners to supply copies of their own Environment Policy and a statement of their corporate objectives to understand their own commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

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