Case Study

Case Study

Decommissioning of existing studios

Client: Warner Brothers Discovery
Sector: Business relocation

Decommissiong of the BT Sports site at BT Studios (Here East, Startford) covering the ground, second and mezzanine floors. The project was completed over a core 14 day programme in July/August 2023.

The programme required the following key project deliverables:

  • Full decommissioning of video and sound editng suites
  • Secure and safe delivery of decommissioned video/sound equipment to WBD site in Radlett
  • Clearance of all loose items of furniture including but not limited to, desks, chairs, meeting room furniture, storage cupboards, pedestals, cupboards, storage arears, monitor arms, reception desk and general waste. WBD to highlight items that are not to be disposed of. Floors and rooms to be left in a clean and tidy state.
  • Desk Top IT: Decommission and placement into a central ground floor holding area of approx. 250 x kits of desktop IT. Items were separated into piles ready for onward deliver to a WBD contractor. Typical IT Desk Set Up: dual monitors, monitor arm, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Whiteboards – Removed and recycled.
  • Ergonomic Equipment: Footrests etc, recycled.
  • Racking dismantled from various storage rooms/areas – recycled.
  • Wardrobe Room – clothes cupboards dismantled and recycled. All clothing was moved to holding area for retention by WBD.
  • Dressing Rooms. Removal of fixed wardrobe and desks for recycling.
  • Removal of WEEE items, including but not limited to, fans, heaters, fridges, microwaves etc – all items recycled
  • Clearance of all restaurant furniture
  • Completion of a series of secure moves alongside the main clearance programme
  • Provision of a specialist team (including installation of scaffolding tower(s)) to assist with the removal of large artworks/photographs from studio reception area.

The clearance programme was time critical as WBD had to vacate the space at Here East by a specific date – failure to meet this deadline would have incurred significant financial penalties to them. It was therefore of paramount importance that not only did we provide absolute cost certainty and sufficient levels of trained and experienced personnel to complete the works, we needed to provide continuity of staff across all shits in order to ensure crews arrived each day ready to begin work, with zero downtime, with a clear idea of the progress achieved to date, targets to be achieved together with knowledge of the sites geography – the exit location was a large, complex building which required a period of orientation and knowledge buildng for our teams.

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