Case Study

Case Study

Relocation of head quarters – Ted Baker

Client: Ted Baker
Sector: Business relocation

The relocation of Ted Baker HQ from existing offices at The Ugly Brown Building, Kings Cross, London (UBB) to newly fitted our premises at the Gorgeous Brown Building, Fitzrovia, London.

The overall programme scope was as follows – the project was delivered over multiple phases

  • Furniture – relocation of selected items of furniture
  • Desktop IT equipment – full decomm/recomm of approx. 360 x desktop IT kits as well as the clients server equipment All equipment was packed and relocated by our teams.
    Filing/Other Contents – Relocaton of over 500lm of identified filing and related material.
  • Stock/Merchandise – relocation of hundreds of metres of Ted Baker stock. Railed stock identified for relocation remained on existing client rails. Loose items (incl bags, shoes, folded garments) were packed into crates prior to relocation.
  • Studio Equipment – studio equipment was dismantled and wrapped and relocated to GBB.
  • Miscellaneous Items – relocation of miscellaneous assets including stationary/printing supplies, storeroom items, samples, promotional materials, publications, marketing items Additionally, we also relocatd approx. 20 x grid walls and 30 x Cork Boards.
  • Packing Materials/Additonal Rails – we provided all packing crates, wardrobe cartons, boxes and protective materials (including those for the protection of rails if transfered during inclement weather). We can also provided a stock of rails for use in the event any Ted Baker rails were not in a suitable condition to move.
  • Disposal of Legacy Assets at UBB – following the move to GBB, we delivered a full and comprehsnive clearance of all legacy assets (furniture, IT etc) from the UBB – this was a time critical requirement with the client needing to vacate the premises 23rd December. As part of the clearance, we also removed a significant volume of items from various storage locations on site at UBB. All items were either recycled or repurposed via our Refresh Asset Repurposing Scheme with 100% landfill diversion achieved in line with our ISO14001 acceditation.

  • Bespoke partnering
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Seamless relocation
  • Award winning service
  • Supply of materials
  • Delivered on time

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