Case Study

Case Study

Relocation of Histo Glass slides Cambridge

Client: University of Cambridge
Sector: Life Sciences

The Heart and Lung Research Institute was a new building located on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus adjacent to the Royal Papworth Hospital. It was a joint project between the Department of Medicine (Cambridge Cardiovascular and Respiratory Medicine), the Department of Public Health and Primary Care and partnered with Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The three-storey building provides state-of-the-art research laboratories, a clinical research facility, dry research and supporting administrative spaces. The building can accommodate up to 400 staff. Following a detailed and comprehensive tendering process, we were appointed to deliver all relocation/removal services for the new centre. Our teams were tasked with the relocation of respiratory and cardiovascular medicine research groups from the Department of Medicine, Department of Public Health and Primary Care and a set of Royal Papworth Hospital staff to the new building.

The move was a large-scale and complex operation which was carefully managed by the Institute and by Restore Harrow Green in order that the down-time for any area was kept to a minimum and the move took place in the correct sequence ensuring a perfect flow within the new building taking into account the requirements of the research teams. Included in the move were the following areas:

  • Laboratory equipment and consumables
  • Biological and Chemical Samples
  • Offices.

A wide variety of laboratory equipment was moved from the laboratory and research areas, including:

  • Small benchtop equipment
  • General laboratory equipment
  • Specialist laboratory equipment
  • Glassware and consumables.

The laboratories housed goods classified under UN Hazard Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, chemicals, dangerous materials and biological samples. These included Containment Level 1 and Containment Level 2 samples in addition to human tissue samples controlled by the Human Tissue Authority. Many of the samples were irreplaceable and we needed to deliver uninterrupted very low temperature transfer. A large number of -80 freezers were also moved full/containing samples using our specialist laboratory invertor/powered vehicles whereas others required the contents to be decanted for moving utilising specialist packing materials/containers to maintain temperatures within agreed limits. In addition to this cryogenic samples were moved in liquid nitrogen, dry ice and dry shippers. Approximately 50,000 cryogenic samples were moved from the exit locations – these were 1.5ml samples stored in 100 position storage boxes. The client provided a full chemical list. User groups assisted with grouping and collating chemicals within each laboratory. Our in-house DGSA provided key support to all staff to ensure the relocation of all biological samples and chemicals were relocated safely and securely and in line with existing legislation and legal guidelines.

  • Bespoke partnering
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Seamless relocation
  • Award winning service
  • Supply of materials
  • Delivered on time

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