Biobanking and Disaster Recovery


Restore Harrow Green Laboratory Services offers biobank storage and disaster recovery to our life science and biotechnology customers across the UK. Our state of the art facility in Cambridge has ultra low temperature storage solutions with secure entry and 24/7 monitoring.


Restore Harrow Green offer off-site temperature controlled and secure storage solutions. We can offer a variety of flexible storage solutions for ambient, refrigerated and frozen requirements from single samples to multiple or master cell banks at a single shelf or full fridge/freezer level. Our facility boasts:


  • 24/7 live temperature monitoring and reporting
  • Separate UPS and twin 4G cellular gateways
  • Back-up generator to power the facility in the event of a power cut
  • Infrared thermal cameras
  • Secure biostorage rooms within our main facility, with enhanced keypad access


Built by scientists, our easy-to-use sample inventory management system gives you full visibility and control of your samples with the ability to recall at the click of a button. Whether we are holding master cell lines, archived samples or regularly used materials that need to be recalled, we are able to offer you a fully bespoke solution for your lab.

Disaster Recovery

As the market leader in laboratory relocations, we have a significant pool of trained teams with specialist vehicles that can complete the collection of samples or freezers across the UK. Our technical specialists will ensure that a tailored solution is designed and in place to protect your samples should it be required. As part of the customer set-up process, one of our logistics team will visit your site to ensure that we understand what is required in the event of a facility or equipment failure and will ensure that the most suitable contingency plans are in place.


Additionally, our DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) will ensure that all paperwork is in place to so our teams, led by our experienced ADR certified drivers, can undertake disaster recoveries safely, legally and compliantly.

Cold Chain Transfer

Our network of cold chain shipping partners, as well as our own in-house specialist fleet of vehicles, can complete cold chain transfer around the UK and overseas.


Whether it is shipping a single cryobox of samples to another lab in the UK or relocating full -80 freezers into a new facility in Europe whilst remaining powered up, we can offer you the right solution for your requirements.

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