Think records management is boring?

How Restore Records Management is disrupting that unwanted label with humour.


Would your Managing Director be up for putting a pair of pliers in his mouth and poking his head out of a washing machine for a photo-shoot?

Or would your Head of Quality be happy to dress up as a raver and see his image plastered across an exhibition stand?

Restore Records Management has disrupted the way that businesses in its sector are marketed by doing exactly that, with a campaign that challenges the industry’s reputation for being conservative in the way it talks to clients and prospects.

The campaign focuses on personalities inside the business, after customer research revealed that the biggest value-add was its people and their expertise. 

Jane Margetts, Director of Marketing at Restore Records Management, explains: “We wanted to highlight the people in our business in this campaign but do to it with humour.

“So many other companies in the sector speak in the same traditional, safe way, but we aim for our voice to be different. Why should records management be boring? We have some fantastic personalities in the business, who are experts in their field and love to build relationships with our customers. 

“This campaign was deliberately designed to be different and we’re already finding it is resonating with our target market.”

The idea of the campaign is to reveal something Restore Records Management’s experts are terrible at in their home life – and juxtapose it with their real skills in the workplace. 

So, Managing Director Nigel Dews is portrayed at being useless at dealing with home appliances – but relentless with compliance.

“The aim is to elevate our brand presence, engage our audience on a deeper level, reinforce our position as a trusted leader in our industry in a way that really resonates.”

One of the most eye-catch posters features Head of Quality David Reynolds and driver Jo Thompson comically dressed up for a rave – along with a strapline that reads ‘Hopeless at raving. Relentless with saving’.

Restore Records Management has even had t-shirts and give-away stickers printed with rave culture’s famous smiley face on the ‘relentless’ reverse and sad face on the ‘hopeless’ front.

The campaign will also feature a dedicated website landing page, social media posts LinkedIn cover image takeover, print ads, website adds, newsletter ads and branded exhibition stands.

“By daring to be different and highlighting our people in a new way, we believe we can differentiate ourselves in a crowded market,” said Jane.

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