Picking the right partner

You know what it’s like when you’re not with the right partner, whether that’s a human relationship or a business one.


You spot lots of annoying habits you didn’t notice before. Communication becomes painful. You suddenly find them boring and start to dread the time you spend together.


Fortunately, when it comes to document management it’s a lot easier to fix than a marriage.

Nigel Dews,
Managing Director, Restore Records Management

What you need is a partner you can really rely on.

  • One with the expertise and knowledge to provide advice on how to outsource and manage your archive.
  • One that can deliver savings for your business – whether that’s in time, space or money.
  • One that behaves like a human being and unfailingly works to make things better.

Here are some top tips on what to think about how to choose the best possible partner when outsourcing your inventory. And we’ll try our very best not to be boring…

So, what’s making you nervous?

Maybe this is a good time to explore the reasons why some businesses are anxious about moving their inventories offsite and why others are reluctant to switch partners.

We understand your pain.

Here are the top concerns we hear from potential clients – and a few answers.

1. Are my documents going to remain confidential?

It’s natural for businesses to worry about whether documents are safe when they leave the building or when they switch document management partners.

Companies often take comfort from knowing that colleagues are in charge of document management.

In reality, human error is the biggest threat to confidentiality. Documents get left on desks, inside printers, or get taken home. By storing offsite our highly trained staff keep them safe and our systems ensure only those with permission to retrieve documents can do so.

If you are ready to switch partners, consider that Restore is the largest UK-owned records management company and we have 30 years of experience.

Our secure, state-of-the-art facilities are found in 56 locations across the country. Sometimes size really is important.

2. How will the integrity of my documents be protected?

Worrying about documents falling into the wrong hands is a common fear.

But although it may feel safer keeping them in the building,  documents are far safer in secure storage. At Restore, records are kept ins secure facilities and travel in our own GPS-tracked vehicles whenever they are moved.

They can also be kept in temperature and humidity-controlled conditions when necessary and always benefit from vetted staff, secure IT systems and access control.

3. Will I lose access to documents?

Outsourcing document management is not about putting files and boxes into offsite storage then hoping you never have to retrieve them. It’s about us providing a live file environment – so if you send files to us today you can retrieve them tomorrow.

We can deliver physically (from a local storage site), or we can scan and send digitally. 

It is possible to arrange collections and deliveries through our online portal, and see what is happening with every item in your inventory 24/7. In fact, you can manage everything with the click of a button.

We continue to invest in technology like this to improve the customer experience.

4. Will I ever get to speak to real person?

It’s a good question because being human is crucial to modern business. We’re proud that we do business with a smile.

Regional teams and local deliveries (with local people delivering your records) make sure of that. We are also on the phone whenever you need us, and we like to think ourselves as friendly and human.

You might even find us interesting!

5. Will moving records elsewhere be a GDPR risk?

We hear you. Every business is worried about the financial and reputational risk of a data breach or of being the victim of cybercrime.

At Restore we describe ourselves as Ridiculously Regulatory.  We’ve gone out of our way to gain a staggering list of accredited certifications, covering quality management, environmental management, business continuity, information security to name just a few.

It all ensures your records, and our storage facilities, are secure, safe and compliant.

So, if you’re looking for reliable, you’ve found it…

From bespoke racking systems to tailored delivery systems. Whatever your records management problem, our teams will take ownership of them and deliver prompt solutions.

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