Switching records management partners 

To switch or not to switch? That’s the dilemma facing many facilities managers and office managers when they are asked to look into their company’s outsourced storage of physical records.


A lot of businesses are doing exactly that right now because finances are tight, and everyone is looking for ways to save money and get better value from their service providers.
Records storage is no different, but there’s little doubt that some businesses have put off switching partners for a very long time.

The reasons are varied, ranging from apathy to fear about switching after so long, and from anxiety about losing records to not understanding the value of changing partners.
Those that opt not to investigate the advantages, however, could be missing out on better deals, better service and better value. And who wants to miss out on prizes like that?

In this blog, we are going to look into the reasons why businesses shy away from switching records management partners and attempt to alleviate some of the fears that lie behind their reticence.
We believe many of those reasons, however deep rooted, are out-dated and no longer true.
It’s something all office managers, procurement managers and FM managers should be aware of when putting together recommendations for the board.

Yes, it feels easy to stick to what you know, especially when the service provided by your historic provider is not awful, just uninspiring. But what if that means you are unwittingly keeping thousands of boxes you don’t actually need to store?

And what if it means you are missing out on new services which could improve access to your records and help you optimise your records storage?

Don’t you deserve more than uninspiring?

We see it a bit like moving your bank account. When you’ve had the same account all your life it’s tempting just to keep it, even though other banks have better deals, better interest rates, lower fees and more modern ways of doing things.

But the difference with records management is that many of the issues which hold businesses back are not even based on real life.

Let’s begin by allaying some of those fears. See if you have heard any of them before in your business…

1. I’m worried it will be a hassle to switch records management partners. My current provider isn’t great, but they aren’t awful. It’s easier just to stay put because we don’t have the time or resource.

This is one we hear all the time, but the hassle of moving is an ancient myth.
To use the bank analogy again, switching records management partners is now like switching current accounts. Most of the work is done by your new provider behind the scenes. By agreeing a Letter of Authority with you, Restore Records Management can look after the entire process of switching. We’ll talk to your previous provider on your behalf, make all the arrangements and move all the boxes. No hassle at all.

2. Moving my inventory to a new partner could cause disruption to the business and I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Once again, this fear is unfounded. Restore Records Management looks after the move from beginning to end. You’ll have access to your boxes at all times and we’ll move them quickly and efficiently. 

3. What if my boxes get lost in the move? It seems like too big a risk.

Relax. We’ll put together a mobilisation plan to ensure boxes move safely. You’ll always know where they are – and a friendly mobilisation manager will be there to look after the move. An audit trail is put in place, with all boxes tagged, so you can be certain everything is where it should be. Nothing to worry about here…

4. All records management companies are the same. It’s just putting records in a box and keeping them safe. Why should I change?

All the same? You have to be joking. There are some big, big differences in the way that records management companies treat their customers, and in the services they offer.
Ask yourself the following questions: 

When did your current provider last give you a friendly call?
When did they discuss how to optimise your inventory?
When did they last let you know that some of the boxes you are storing no longer need to be kept?

If you can’t remember, or the answer is ‘never’ then you haven’t been getting a great deal.
The first thing we’ll do for a new customer is a ‘lift the lid’ operation which finds out what’s in their boxes and how long they should be kept. Why keep records beyond their retention date? It’s a waste of money and it’s a compliance risk, too.

Yes, it might reduce our fee, but we put your needs first and our focus is on building a long-term relationship.

Another USP for Restore Records Management is that we are part of a wider group that includes Restore Digital, Restore Datashred and Restore Relocation. So, we can offer and end to end solution for your records. From physical storage to secure destruction and from supporting you with your digital transformation strategy to relocating offices.

5. What if I end up paying more when I switch partners?

Competitive rates are one of the reasons you should investigate changing partners – and getting good value is crucial. You can trust us on that – we’ll be completely upfront and honest with you when we discuss fees and ensure you get the right quote for the service you require. By helping you reduce your inventory,  you’ll get long-term value, too.

6. If I switch records management partners my records could end up further away and harder to access

With more than 50 sites across the country, we like to say you never more than two hours away from your records when they are stored with Restore Records Management. In fact, they are often far nearer. So, whether you want to collect your records or prefer them to be delivered or scanned on demand, they will always be easy to access.

You can find out more about what it means to have Restore Records Management as your records management partner here.

Convinced? We hope so. 

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