The ultimate guide to trustworthy document storage solutions during Insolvency

In the fast-paced world of document management, having a reliable partner to handle your sensitive materials is crucial.

Restore Records Management (RRM) understands this need and offers comprehensive document storage solutions designed to ensure your documents are safe, accessible, and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Providing you peace of mind as we handle your documents with the utmost care and professionalism.

Jez Tibbetts,
Service Delivery Director

Swift and secure document pick up

Immediate access and transfer

Time is of the essence when it comes to document retrieval, especially in insolvency cases. Often, companies have limited access to their documents before landlords take over the premises. RRM offers immediate document pickup services, ensuring that your items are in our secure possession swiftly.

This quick transfer provides a sense of security, knowing that your documents are safe and accessible when needed.

Minimising downtime with fast retrieval

We understand that any delay in accessing your documents can disrupt your business operations, particularly during insolvency proceedings. Our efficient pickup and transfer services minimise downtime, ensuring that you can continue your work without unnecessary interruptions. With RRM, you can trust that your documents will be handled with urgency and care.

Ensuring security during transit

The security of your documents during transit is a top priority. Our fully trained in-house professionals follow stringent protocols to protect your documents from loss or damage. From the moment we collect your items to the time they arrive at our storage facilities, we ensure that every step of the process is secure.

Comprehensive barcoding and auditing

Understanding your inventory

Many businesses have boxes of documents without a clear understanding of what they contain, which can be a significant issue during insolvency. RRM offers comprehensive barcoding and auditing services to help you catalogue and manage your documents efficiently. By barcoding each item, you gain a clear inventory of your documents, allowing for easier retrieval and management. Key benefits of our barcoding and auditing services include:

  • Accurate inventory tracking
  • Easy document retrieval
  • Enhanced organisation

Cost-Effective auditing solutions

Our auditing solutions are designed to be cost-effective, saving you time and resources. We can perform these services either on-site or at our facility upon arrival, depending on your needs. This flexibility ensures that you receive the best possible service tailored to your specific requirements.

Here’s what you can expect from our auditing services:

  • Detailed item cataloguing
  • Cost savings from efficient auditing
  • An Understanding what should be destroyed

Full visibility via our portal

With Restore Records Management online portal, Restore web, you have full visibility of your documents at all times. Our portal provides detailed information about your inventory, making it easy to locate and retrieve specific documents when needed. This transparency is crucial for efficient document management and enhances your control over your records.

Benefits of using our online portal:

  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Easy access to document details
  • Simplified document retrieval process

Importance of physical documents

Regulatory compliance with originals

In many industries, retaining physical documents is necessary to comply with regulatory standards, which is especially critical during insolvency proceedings. Digital copies, while convenient, often do not meet these requirements. RRM ensures that your original documents are stored securely, helping you remain compliant with all relevant regulations, However, we can provide a scan on demand service if you require.

Evidence requirements

Physical documents often serve as critical evidence in legal and regulatory matters. Maintaining the originals ensures that you have the necessary documentation to support your case. Restore’s secure storage solutions protect these important documents, giving you confidence that they are available when needed.

Limitations of digital copies

While digital copies offer convenience, they cannot replace the need for original documents in many scenarios. Restore recognises this limitation and provides secure storage for your physical documents, ensuring that they are preserved in their original form.

Reasons to keep physical documents:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Validity as legal evidence
  • Preservation of original formats

Invoicing support

Upfront invoicing and case management

We understand that upfront invoicing is crucial for managing case-related costs, particularly in insolvency cases. Restore provides detailed invoices with each case, allowing you to charge back expenses efficiently. This streamlined invoicing process reduces administrative burdens and helps you manage your finances effectively.

Benefits of our invoicing support:

  • Detailed case-specific invoices
  • Efficient expense charge-backs
  • Reduced administrative workload

Efficient purchase order processing

To avoid the costs sitting with you, Restore ensures that purchase orders (POs) are processed quickly. This efficiency prevents delays and ensures that your document management costs are managed effectively from the outset.

Key advantages of efficient PO processing:

  • Faster turnaround times
  • Improved cost management
  • Reduced financial burden

Setting retention dates

Setting Retention Dates in a Regulated Sector

Managing retention dates is a complex task, especially in highly regulated industries and and sectors like insolvency. RRM helps you set and manage retention dates for your documents, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. This proactive approach prevents the unnecessary retention of documents and reduces the risk of regulatory breaches.

Steps to effective retention data management:

  1. Determine regulatory requirements
  2. Set appropriate retention periods
  3. Regularly review and update retention schedules

Consolidated services with one provider

Benefits of a single supplier

Using multiple providers for document management can lead to inconsistencies and inefficiencies, especially during insolvency. By consolidating all your document management needs with Restore, you benefit from a consistent approach and streamlined processes. This consolidation simplifies your operations and enhances the efficiency of your document management.

Consistent case management

With Restore as your single provider, you gain the advantage of consistent case management. Our standardised processes ensure that all your documents are handled in the same manner, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall efficiency.

Regional hubs for nationwide access

Restore Records Management network of regional hubs provides convenient access to your documents, no matter where your offices are located. This nationwide presence ensures that you can retrieve your documents quickly and easily, regardless of your location.

Advantages of our regional hubs:

  • Nationwide accessibility
  • Reduced retrieval times
  • Convenient local access points
  • Generally only ever 2 hours away from you.

Trust in document storage

Reliability and security

Trust is the foundation of our document storage services. Restore is committed to providing reliable and secure solutions that you can depend on. Our team of professionals ensures that your documents are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Transparent processes

Transparency is key. Restore Records Management processes are designed to be clear and transparent, giving you confidence in our services. From pickup to storage and retrieval, we keep you informed every step of the way.

Working with customers and landlords

We work closely with both Customers and landlords to facilitate smooth document retrieval and storage. This collaborative approach ensures that all parties are informed and involved, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and enhancing the efficiency of our services.

Your frequently asked questions answered

Restore Records Management offers same-day document pickup services to ensure your items are secured as quickly as possible. Our efficient processes minimise downtime and provide you with peace of mind.


Yes, Restore offers comprehensive barcoding and auditing services to help you catalogue and manage your documents. Our solutions provide you with a clear inventory and full visibility via our online portal.

Physical documents often serve as critical evidence and are required to comply with regulatory standards. Restore ensures that your original documents are stored securely, helping you remain compliant.

We can provide upfront invoices with each case, allowing you to charge back expenses efficiently. This streamlined process reduces administrative burdens and helps you manage costs effectively.

Using a single provider like Restore for document management ensures a consistent approach and streamlined processes. This consolidation simplifies operations and enhances efficiency.

Our network of regional hubs provides convenient access to your documents, ensuring quick and easy retrieval no matter where your offices are located. This nationwide presence enhances the efficiency of your document management.


Choosing the right partner for document storage is essential for ensuring the security, accessibility, and compliance of your records, especially during insolvency. Restore offers comprehensive solutions designed to meet all your document management needs.

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