Why store tapes offsite 

Security and Facilities

Using offsite storage gives you the benefit of purpose-built tape vaults that utilise technology to create a suitable environment, offer security to keep your information safe and customer services for when you need to access your tapes.


Tape vaults feature Durasteel construction with a minimum 4-hour fire rating to protect your tapes and information. Durasteel is a non-combustible composite panel board made of fibre reinforced cement with outer sheets of punched steel. It combines lightness, strength, impact, and blast resistance with durability and exceptional fire resistance.


Vaults are carefully managed with temperature and humidity control to maintain the optimum environment for tape storage – with the temperature at 18°C +/- 2°C and humidity at 50% +/-10%.


Inergen Premier fire suppressant gas allows facilities to protect your tapes against fire in an environmentally friendly way that doesn’t leave behind harmful decomposition agents. Proven to be effective on all common types of fire, Inergen Premier fire suppression is controlled by BS 7273 analogue/addressable fire detection and alarm systems specifically designed and dedicated for gas release, with addressable loop powered ionisation and optical smoke detectors.


You can gain peace of mind with the reliable security offered by tape vaults. Multi-layer secure entry systems and access limited to only authorised and vetted staff is teamed with surveillance monitoring and recording, extensively used for the perimeter and internal secure areas of our facilities.


It is recommended to visit the facilities you are considering for your tape storage to assess and meet the local team. It’s important to find a team that can provide rapid recover so that should the worst happen, you can get your business back on track as seamlessly as possible.


Technology and systems

By utilising technology, you can gain more visibility of your data with clear audit trails. For example; Desktop control via online tracking software enables immediate access to audit trails and proof of chain-of-custody and barcode scanning can be used to track the location of each individual tape at every stage – from your premises to an individual allocated storage location in a tape vault.

For larger systems your Tape Management System can be directly linked to accurately expedite tape exchanges and eliminate processing errors. Consider scheduled visits with the most recent back-ups being taken away for storage, and the correct tapes being returned to you.

Tape Change Service

By storing tapes and media offsite you can take away the headache of exchanging and cycling your tapes as vetted operators from the tape storage company can complete this for you.

Tape exchange consists of operators visiting your site and removing the latest backups from drives and replacing them with fresh tapes. Or you can opt to cycle your current tapes by overriding them with new data. This service can be especially useful at locations where you don’t have trained staff regularly onsite to action this.

Next steps

If you are considering storing your tapes off-site, you can learn more about off-site tape storage with Restore by clicking here.

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