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LLoyd George Records storage

Enjoy RecordRoom in your practice with GP Record Management.
Free up space, time, and money with ultra-secure storage and management for your Lloyd George records.

RecordRoom is a record management service, for GPs and CCGs with an emphasis on the service. With three decades of experience, we’ve been around long enough to know how to carefully and securely handle sensitive patient records. We still haven’t seen leg warmers become fashionable again, though. What we have seen is the problems faced by every doctor we work with. So we’ve created a bespoke service that can fit the unique needs faced by GPs just like you.

  • Secure Lloyd George Record storage gives you space to see more patients (we’re still working on a way to make ten-minute appointments last longer, though).
  • Digitisation on receipt or on demand. Paper to pixels faster than patients to the new magazine in your waiting room.
  • You choose who can view your digital files and every access is recorded. Like an audit trail mix that keeps patients safe.
  • Same-day delivery. Even Prime retailers can’t boast that.
  • Files collected at a time convenient to you (although requests for 2AM collections will invite further discussion).
  • Ultra-secure storage that stumps even Danny Ocean.
  • Barcode tracking for every file, so your records can’t sneak out to parties.
  • Secure destruction to BSEN15713 standard. Your record knocks Humpty off the “never being put back together again” top spot.
  • Contact your local ICB for information on funding for the initial setup costs (collection, cataloguing, and barcoding) of your off-site storage. They may even cover all your storage costs for the first year, too!
"The RecordRoom team have been hugely accommodating, extremely responsive to any issues that have arisen and very easy to work with. Sarah Harwood, Senior Commissioning Manager Primary Care at Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)"

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"The team at RecordRoom are what made this project a huge success for West Herts; the positive yet driven approach of individuals with the swift availability for a phone call or meeting, resulted in the best partnership I have experienced with any provider to date."

Jo Wilder, Health Record Programme Manager at West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Securing patient data

You keep your practice as secure as possible. But what if you could go beyond the regulatory demands placed on you and get the sort of high security that even Danny Ocean couldn’t beat?

Our ultra-secure storage facilities feature 24/7 monitoring, vehicle access controls, lock and keypad entry systems. So it’s CCTV, RFID, and LOL to anyone trying to get a sneaky peek at your patient’s records.

That’s not to mention the latest in fire and flood suppression systems, or the temperature and humidity controls that perfectly preserve your papers in perpetuity. Say that five times fast.


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Saving space and making money

You have so many patients to look after and not enough time to do it.

And while we tried to make ten-minute appointments last longer, it was trickier than you’d think. So we did the next best thing.

We saved you space.

Spending money on your premises only to store paper records in them may seem like a necessary evil, but that space could be used to see more patients and secure further funding.

Which is why we created RecordRoom to provide you with secure off-site storage for your Lloyd George records without compromising how easy it is for you to access them.

Of course, there’s no use saving all that space and securing all that funding if your notes aren’t safe and easy to get hold of, right?

Lloyd George digitisation

Whether you’re taking your first steps or you need to release your staff from digitisation duties, your RecordRoom team can help you on your journey to digital.

And when you no longer need a paper copy of a file, RecordRoom offers secure destruction in line with the European Shredding Standard BSEN15713. Your record knocks Humpty off the “never being put back together again” top spot.

And if you’re not quite ready to start your digital journey, don’t worry. You can adopt any of our digitisation services at your own pace, always with an expert on hand to advise you.

No delays

With so many patients to care for, the last thing you need is a delay in getting the information you need. That’s why we can provide nationwide same-day delivery and digital copies within hours.

And ordering them is easy. We’ve built you a straightforward web portal that makes it easy to order deliveries or arrange collections, so it takes just moments to get the patient notes you need or send them back.

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Secure RecordRoom for your practice

If you’re ready to enjoy RecordRoom and the peace of mind of knowing your Lloyd George records in safe, secure, and accessible, get in touch with a member of our team today on 01293780075

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