Scanning doubles claim entry speeds at Cardif Pinnacle

The electronic capture of Cardif Pinnacle’s claims forms speeds up customer service delivery, improves managerial control and reduces data entry costs by 80%.


  • Claims processing speeds increased by 60%
  • Data entry costs reduced by 80%
  • Reduced paper storage costs
  • Improved managerial control
  • Enhanced customer service delivery

Background information

Cardif Pinnacle is the UK’s insurance arm of banking group BNP Paribas. Since 1971 they have been providing insurance protection and investment solutions, and after acquiring Direct Life & Pension Services Ltd and Warranty Direct Ltd, have diversified into life insurance, critical illness cover, protection insurance and warranty insurance.

As a preferred partner to 300 of the UK’s banking and financial services organisations, and with 800 staff across the UK and Ireland, Cardif Pinnacle receive in excess of 1,700 documents each day.

With so many competitive products in the retail insurance market, a key differentiator can be the provision of excellent customer service. But whilst commercial insurance firms generally process high volumes of claims, errors caused by less efficient customer service are highlighted.

Managing high volume claims forms

To compete effectively in such a busy market, Cardif Pinnacle began looking at ways in which to improve the operational activities relating to their claims management processes - in particular, the capture of information from their customer claims forms.

Historically, Cardif Pinnacle’s claims forms were received in paper format and manually sorted by their mailroom team. Documents were matched to individual claim files by hand and distributed to claims administrators. Data from each form was then manually entered into Cardif's content management system. An individual claim form could take up to 3 days to process.

This process was time-consuming, expensive and hampered their ability to provide efficient customer service. Cardif Pinnacle needed a document capture solution that would deliver operational efficiencies, better process transparency and handle growing volumes.

An in-house capture solution

Cardif Pinnacle opted for an in-house document capture solution, designed and configured by Restore.

Incoming post is still fine sorted by hand but claims related post is now scanned, indexed and automatically delivered into work queues based on the claim and document type. The forms are then opened and verified by the individual claims administrators from their own PCs. Finally, all verified scanned images are automatically delivered to Cardif Pinnacle’s proprietary content management system, ready for despatch to the client.

Greater process control

This new capture solution has given Cardif Pinnacle far greater control over their business processes. Their management team can easily monitor and evaluate staff and process performance, identify bottlenecks and resolve customer service issues quickly.

In addition, claims forms are now processed within just one day compared to the previous three day lead time. The cost of manually routing incoming post has been reduced by 80% and storage of paper based files is at its lowest level.

As a result of these efficiency gains, Cardif Pinnacle’s claim teams are now positioned to manage an increasing number of claims forms without impacting their standards of customer service.

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