Goldsmith Williams Solicitors adopts new onsite digital mailroom

Since implementing an in-house digital mailroom Goldsmith’s save 50 hours per week of non-billable time, reduce time spent handling cases by 25% and capture 90% of incoming paperwork electronically.


  • Case handling times reduced by 25%
  • 90% of incoming paperwork is captured electronically
  • 50 hours of fee earner time saved each week
  • Client billing speeds reduced
  • Data protection security increased
  • Document losses eliminated

Background information

Goldsmith Williams Solicitors, based in the heart of Liverpool, have been specialising in the remortgage, residential conveyancing, road traffic accident litigation and wills and probate markets for the last 25 years.

They are on the panel of every leading building society, bank and centralised lender, and also act for a wide network of mortgage advisors, packagers, networks and accident claims companies.

Managing daily paper volumes

The firm faced up to 8,000 incoming paper-based mail, fax and emails every day. Each one had to be attached to the correct case file and then distributed to the relevant fee earner.

Historically this process had been managed manually, resulting in increasing amounts of non-billable time being spent on cases. The risk of errors and document losses occurring was high. And the process of maintaining and retrieving client files was laborious.

Introducing a digital mailroom

The vast majority of Goldsmith’s paper correspondence was being generated at the point of entry into the organisation. As a result, the firm selected us to design an onsite digital mailroom for their Liverpool headquarters.

This new digital mailroom was configured to improve the management and distribution of incoming mail. Now, approximately 8,000 pages of incoming paper-based correspondence are scanned and categorised on a daily basis, and 90% of all incoming paperwork is automatically attached to the relevant case file electronically. Almost all incoming work is with the correct fee earner by 9:30am.

Flexible working arrangements have also been made easier by Goldsmith’s new digital mailroom as employees can now access the electronic caseload information from home. The solution by Restore was designed using industry leading capture technology and combined with Restore’s ability to design a bespoke and flexible digital mailroom solution, successfully met the requirements set by Goldsmith Williams.

The results

Goldsmith’s digital mailroom is now delivering efficiencies across many areas of the firm. Case handling times have been reduced by 25% and 50 hours per day of fee earners time is saved. Goldsmiths are also benefiting from a transparent audit trail, document traceability and easier file accessibility.

In 2009 Goldsmith Williams won the Legal Technology Award for Technology Implementation of the Year, demonstrating the success of their digital mailroom.

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