L&Q Housing Trust adopts a new centralised scanning solution

Restore re-vamps L&Q’s customer services department, streamlining their document capture processes and eliminating downtime.

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  • Improved customer service delivery
  • Faster movement of data into their CRM system
  • Greater system reliability
  • Reduced number of scanning configurations
  • Streamlined multi-site scanning


L&Q Housing Trust works with over 90 local authorities in London and the South East, managing more than 60,000 homes. Since forming in the early 1960’s L&Q now employs 1,000 staff across 20 locations.

As a government funded organisation L&Q are measured on quality, customer satisfaction and efficient performance, therefore a significant fall in standards could impact the availability of government funding. With their customer service operations generating high volumes of paper, the retrieval of hard copy customer files was becoming increasingly difficult. With customer service standards at risk, the housing trust launched a review of their document capture processes.

Working with a complex system

L&Q’s existing document capture solution was managing the scanning of their customer service files and their storage within their CRM system. After 5 years of operation this system had become slow and unstable, and with a workflow spanning 20 sites, L&Q needed a centralised solution to streamline their processes and automatically route information to their CRM system.

The connection between their existing scanning solution and their CRM system was via a release script designed by L&Q. They were using approximately 36 different scanning processes and were suffering from long periods of system downtime.

Designing a new solution

The housing trust selected Restore to deliver a single, company wide solution. All documents are now scanned, converted into .pdfs and released into the relevant customer record within the CRM system.

Tim Mulvenna, Assistant Director of the Customer Service Centre explains, “Having the ability to upload scanned images to a customer record gives us real advantages. It means that everyone has access to all correspondence at the same time and enables us to accurately measure how quickly we deal with customer post”.

The solution was designed using the latest version of Kofax Capture software combined with high quality scanning hardware and a bespoke release script. Restore also redeveloped L&Q’s original release script to enable the smooth transition of scanned documents into their CRM system.

And as well as scanning customer service files, L&Q also use the solution to support their invoicing and payment processes. All invoices are now captured electronically, enabling the accounts team to track when they are received and how quickly they are paid.

The results

By significantly streamlining the existing capture solution, the scanning process for users is now far less complicated and room for error greatly reduced.

Grant Kellick, IS Development Manager adds, “By moving from a PC based solution to a server solution using Restore as a sole partnership has reduced both risk and support to a much better manageable level”.

This has improved flow of information around L&Q’s various offices, enabling the trust to provide faster and more accurate customer service delivery whilst reducing the time spent on administration. Plus the ongoing support and maintenance from Restore’s technical team minimises the risk of system downtime and provides the L&Q team with ongoing peace of mind. 

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