New document management system drives the automation of business critical information

We implement Infonic’s Document Manager software at Lex Autolease, speeding up their paperwork processes and maintaining their high standard of customer service.


  • The automation of business critical information
  • Improved access to documents with central management and storage
  • Reduced number of lost documents
  • Secure access to documents by authorised users
  • Improved staff efficiency and productivity

Background information

Lex Autolease is the country’s largest contract hire provider of company cars and vans. Owned by Lloyds Banking Group, Lex Autolease has a fleet of over 250,000 cars and vans and is used by over 20,000 businesses across the UK.

With responsibility for more than 30% of the commercial contract vehicle market, Lex Autolease recognises that delivering fast and efficient customer service is integral to minimising commercial vehicle downtime. The large volumes of paper generated by the vehicle hire transaction can lengthen response and delivery speeds due to lost documents, misfiled paper and the slow movement of files between sites.

Managing a paper mountain

For each vehicle, Lex Autolease has to maintain an extensive file of documents, including ownership forms, contracts and a variety of other material. This includes documents regarding accidents, such as letters from repair garages, solicitors and invoices for work that has been completed. Paperwork has to be kept as long as Lex Autolease owns the car.

Their documents must be stored securely yet also be easily accessible to various departments at three locations: Manchester, Marlow and Stirling. Under a former, manual intensive paper system, there were often delays in tracking down relevant documents and delivering them to staff that required access - documents could often be misfiled or lost.

The right document management solution

Lex Autolease had identified the need for a document management solution that could be integrated with their existing applications and cope with high volumes of data. Debbie Morgan, Service Delivery Manager for Lex Autolease confirmed, “Because our business is all about service, we wanted a system that was rugged enough to handle a very demanding application, was reliable, easy to use and fitted in with our existing applications without too much tailoring”.

After evaluating the alternatives, Restore recommended Infonic’s Document Manager System. The application provided Lex Autolease users with web access via their own network and the minimal levels of customisation required meant the implementation was trouble-free.

Instant business impact

Document Manager has streamlined Lex Autolease’s business process resulting in rapid, reliable and secure access to all documents. Staff can respond more quickly and professionally to queries from customers and suppliers, and provide a better service. And because the original documents - once scanned - are stored securely, the system helps Lex Autolease better meet its regulatory obligations.

Infonic Document Manager delivers a solution that means queries can be dealt with efficiently and quickly across multiple sites. It saves space within the office environment, reducing the paper mountains that occur due to the length of time documents need to be kept. Lex Autolease’s document management processes and staff productivity are now significantly more efficient and their customer service delivery continues to grow in strength.

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