New Proof of Delivery capture process saves 25% in administration time

With around 600,000 deliveries per year, Yusen Logistics UK introduces a new business-wide electronic capture process to improve the management of their Proof of Delivery documents, selecting us as their implementation partner.

Background information

Employing over 2,000 staff based at 26 locations in the UK, Yusen Logistics offers distribution services and 360,000 square metres of warehousing for customers in the automotive, consumer electronics, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Yusen Logistics decided to upgrade its scanner equipment as its existing flatbed technology was already eight years old and near end-of-life. Image quality and accuracy was becoming substandard compared to current technologies, resulting in administrative staff wasting time checking scanned images – 30 minutes for every 2 hours of scanning. In addition, the licence arrangements for its existing capture software were fixed per depot, therefore some locations would run out of licences when busy, while others would have a surplus.

Identifying the problem

Martin Shield, Head of IT Support Services at Yusen explains, “A range of KPI's per contract are associated with our Proof of Delivery (PoD) paperwork. If we have 22 pallets of TV's being delivered around the country, the PoD confirms delivery. Should there be a query in the future, we would turn to it to confirm what happened. PoD's are therefore fundamental to our business and improving how we process them was one of the drivers behind this project.”

Each PoD document comes in three parts and is printed using a dot matrix printer onto perforated paper. It includes a range of information such as customer name, address, order number, manufacturer of goods, and detail of delivery. Once a delivery is made, the customer receives a copy, one is returned to the appropriate depot, and the final copy is sent to Yusen’s headquarters in Northampton.

Capturing data with document scanning software

Compact but high performance and ergonomically designed, the installed Kodak scanners cater for a daily volume of 5,000 pages per day.

The i1320 Plus scanners also come with Kodak’s Perfect Page technology, ensuring the best possible scanned images are produced first time. Kodak Capture Pro Software Network Edition imaging software has also been installed, providing a fast, reliable image capture and indexing solution, with information integrating with Yusen’s bespoke Warehouse and Transport Management Systems. TIFF images are captured every day from each scanner and stored on a centralised SQL database and the scanned PoD's are then made available for customers via a web portal.

Kodak Capture Pro software is an ideal solution for distributed scanning environments across multiple geographical locations. Shield explains, “Centralised management means it’s easy to ensure all locations have the same software version. And if we win a new customer or an existing PoD template changes, it’s simple to make changes centrally and roll this out across the business, so everything is consistent and up-to-date.”

Satisfaction in Return on Investment

Shield continues, “With so many clients and deliveries, obviously this means a marked reduction in administrative overheads. Image quality has been vastly improved so PoD's are now clearer and it’s much easier for customers to review and search for information quickly and efficiently.”

And Colin Labrum, Kodak’s UK software Sales Manager, concludes, “What’s interesting about the Yusen Logistics project is how quickly return on investment has been realised. Improved reliability, enhanced image quality, flexible licensing, minimal training, great warranty and increased operator productivity all add up to an enterprise-class scanning and imaging solution which delivers fast, tangible benefits to Yusen Logistics and ultimately their own customers.”

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