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A Cold War scheduled monument housing irreplaceable heritage protected by the best technology the 21st century can offer - it all adds up to tell a unique story.


The NCS Collaborative Heritage Storage Scheme is a unique and innovative new service aimed at supporting heritage organisations to have sustainable and very high quality storage space at very low cost. Following a detailed and lengthy consultation and competition, supported by over 50 archives, libraries and museums, Restore was selected for their capabilities in meeting the strict heritage storage criteria set by the consultative group.


A single very low rate for specialist storage per cubic metre per annum has been agreed, regardless of quantity or length of term required, with environmental, security, fire and flood protection and building qualities that meet PD5454:2012, and unparalleled flexible contract terms.


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Heritage Storage - Peace of mind.

That’s what you get when you place your priceless collections in our care.


Restore works in collaboration with the National Conservation Service (NCS) to ensure these ex-Cold War hardened aircraft shelters at Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire meet the stringent storage requirements of PD5454:2012.


For more information on how Restore can support you or for a tour of the historic Cold War airbase, call: 


Michael Watts, Senior Manager, Heritage Sector 


07792 732 708

Why Choose Restore for your Heritage Collection?

  • High Security, central location

  • Bombproof, flood-proof, fireproof, damp-free and pest-free structures

  • NCS-monitored buildings ensure PD5454 compliance

  • Low carbon footprint facility offers a green solution for long term heritage storage

  • On-site atmospherically controlled suites for active collection management

  • Specialist digitisation service

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