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What we do

Restore cares for millions of boxes, magnetic media back-up tapes and scanned documents in a range of storage settings, along with a host of cloud solutions that serve customers their information at the touch of a button. Efficiently and cost-effectively managing all your business information in paper and digital form, from hour-to-hour retrieval through to end-of-life, confidential disposal, at Restore we are specialists in every step of the data journey.

Flexibility – no matter how big or small or how odd the request, we listen to what our customers tell us they want, and then work out a way to deliver it. We are prepared to think long-term and create partnerships for mutual benefit not just for a quick win now, but for the future as well. Our partnership with the National Conservation Service to store internationally important heritage artefacts at our conservation facility at Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire is a prime example of this forward thinking. We’re helping museums and conservation organisations by offering low cost long-term storage – and we mean centuries long –in specialist facilities.

Care – customers’ storage boxes are not just a ‘mountain of boxes’ to us. We know how important the tiniest details are to maintaining security and, therefore, our customers’ reputations. That’s why we work to the highest professional standards and always deliver on our agreed promises.

Trust – by handing responsibility for security, logistics and compliance to Restore our customers effectively take back control over their information. They can trust us to work in partnership with them, caring for their information in dedicated, approved facilities right across the UK.

Security – security-cleared staff; GPS-tracked, unmarked vehicles and the range of anti-theft and environmental measures the safe long-term storage of data demands. We actively monitor all our systems so that, if disaster strikes – such as the cleaning team unplugging the on-site back-up hard drive – we know about it and can fix it within moments.

Value for money – there is no one-size-fits-all mentality at Restore. We will analyse storage patterns and accessibility needs and design the most cost-effective, tailor-made solutions. This way, we often save our customers money.

Good people – with a dedicated project manager for all their information management needs, our customers’ experiences are positive from day one. We’re good at communicating the good – such as a drop in flat-pack box price – and the bad – when vital documents have got stuck in traffic. And sometimes, we just call to say hello!

Our people

‘From start to finish I have nothing but praise for the hard work, dedication, skill and professionalism shown by Restore Shred and its employees.’

Phil Clark, Tenders & Contracts Team, St Andrews Healthcare

A Restore person is professional, cheerful, friendly and keen to help. We make sure we choose members of staff that our customers can implicitly trust to swiftly and discreetly store, retrieve or dispose of their organisation’s information. Even though we rely on technical operational software for the proficient processing of the thousands of pieces of data we deal with every day, it’s our people who are crucial in helping our customers feel like big fish in a small pond.

‘The people we deal with are pleasant, on the ball and experts in their business – whether that’s providing great customer service or technical knowledge. We know we can trust them to make sure our historical data, and our clients’ data, is backed up securely and is retrievable in a moment.’

Steven Barrington, Operations Manager, Energy Management Ltd

Our standards:

  • 100% commitment to high service levels and a track record that’s second to none.
  • Millions of square feet of storage.
  • All our storage is away from the risks presented by large cities, industrial areas and water tables.
  • All staff who need it have government-approved security clearance.
  • Security card access system.
  • Chubb intruder alarm system BS4737, monitored 24/7.
  • CCTV monitored 24/7.
  • Chubb fire alarm and Inergen™ Premier fire suppression.
  • Controlled, stable environments.
  • We use O’Neil’s software for its wide-ranging compatibility and functionality.
  • All our recycling and disposal of information conforms to standard BS8470:2006.

Our Responsibilities

The environment matters, to all of us. At Restore we take our environmental responsibilities as a recycling business very seriously. We have worked with the Carbon Trust to come up with a Ten-Point Plan that helps us be part of the low carbon world.

As one of the leading UK paper recycling companies we have a commitment to recycling as much paper waste as possible and achieve 100% paper recycling. And recycling doesn’t just mean making new paper from your old printed assets. There are plenty of channels open for re-selling your obsolete, data-cleansed computers and mobile devices – with the associated financial returns – or breaking them down into their component elements, such as precious metals and glass, for re-use. In fact, we commit to aiming for 0% landfill for all redundant IT assets.

As a responsible member of our local community we are proud to support the Surrey Care Trust, an independent charity that reaches out to people and helps them transform their life chances. We also fully support our staff to engage in a wide variety of charitable fundraising activities.

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