Corporate Social Responsibility is woven into the way we do business.


At Restore Harrow Green we recognise the impact of our operations on the environment, our responsibility to the communities we work in and our obligations to our people, suppliers, and other invested stakeholders. We have developed an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy that works to reduce the impact of our business on the environment, increase our social contribution and provide ESG leadership to the sectors in which we operate.

What we believe in – aligned values

Reducing our carbon footprint – our growing fleet of modern electric vehicles (and future Hydrogen vehicles) along with our commitment to the Shell Tracking System ‘Accelerate to Zero Programme’ and sustainably sourced packaging and protective material, will support your focus on reaching our aligned vision to become Climate Positive.


In addition, our fleet management team use Geotab’s secure open-platform technology to give us complete visibility over our vehicles’ movements, engine health, fuel usage, carbon footprint data and more. This critical business intelligence allows us to make data-driven decisions to improve a wide range of business operations.

Our properties and supply chain

Our properties operate with measures such as active lighting, LED lights, and water capturing initiatives. Our national coverage means we minimise the travelling distance to our customer sites therefore reducing the carbon impact of your works. We source from suppliers who are actively looking to reduce their carbon impact. For example, our materials are sourced from recycled source materials and are in turn recycled. We essentially operate a circular material economy. This helps reduce costs to our customers as well as reduce our carbon footprint. We also source our power from responsible suppliers who are taking efforts to improve their clean energy sources. We also operate carbon offset measure such as planting trees to offset our carbon output.

Community impact

Working with our customers, we support community education and initiative programmes offering support wherever possible. Our ESG team look after sustainability at Harrow Green, working closely with our customers to ensure their unwanted furniture and IT goes to new homes where it is given a new lease of life. Our team has a large network of schools and charities they work with across the country to ensure we maintain our zero to landfill policy. Our customers are provided with a report of exactly where their legacy items have gone and what charities have benefited, and the ESG team works with each customer to ensure we are supporting their sustainability targets.

The Refresh Programme

We help companies to fulfil their legal and environmental responsibilities, offering a complete, comprehensive portfolio of eco-friendly services for the donation, resale and recycling of redundant furniture, IT and office equipment in line with current Scope 3 Environmental objectives, via our dedicated REFRESH programme. Our refresh programme means that your unwanted assets are re-homed to local communities therefore giving them longer life and supporting your ESG goals. We have a zero to landfill policy, so as a last resort your items would be recycled into re-usable parts or to their constituent materials for future re-use. We can also help you re-distribute or refresh items around your estate.

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