Speak Up Policy

Speak Up Policy

At Restore we are committed to behaving in an ethical, honest, open, and accountable way, and we recognise that all colleagues have an important role to play in achieving this. Maintaining a working environment that is open, fair to all and free from fraud, bribery, discrimination, harassment, victimisation, and bullying is vital to the Company’s success.

You may come across actions or activities which cause you concern.  Most concerns are easily resolved. However, when these concerns are about breaches of the law, serious misconduct by another person, health and safety related, or financial misconduct, it is often difficult to know what to do.  Restore encourages everyone to seek help and advice if they are unsure about what to do, or concerned that our values, policies, or code are being violated.

We will:
  • Provide a dedicated independent Whistle-blowing support line, available at all times, through which you can raise concerns you feel are difficult to share with management directly. You can choose to report anonymously if you wish.  You can contact Safecall via telephone (0800 915 1571) or online at safecall.co.uk/report.
  • Protect you and respect you for having the courage to raise your concerns.
  • Investigate independently all concerns raised in a timely, fair and transparent manner.
  • Endeavour to provide feedback promptly and throughout any subsequent investigation, subject to confidentiality.
  • Absolutely prohibit retaliation towards anyone who raises a genuine concern, reports a violation, or helps an investigation.
  • Support people managers so that they feel confident to deal with concerns that colleagues may raise.
  • Provide regular awareness training and promote the whistleblowing process through internal communications campaigns.

Reports submitted through Safecall will initially be notified to Chris Fussell (General Counsel and Company Secretary), Lisa Fretwell (Non-Executive Director) and Paula Wright (Head of People Services).  Alternatively, you can contact them direct as follows:

Chris Fussell:     Email: [email protected]     Tel: 07747 603 916

Paula Wright:     Email: [email protected]     Tel: 07860 190 333

Lisa Fretwell:     Email: [email protected]    Tel: 07879 436 114

Protect – This is a completely independent charity which specialises in providing free and confidential whistleblowing advice.  You can contact them via an online contact form at https://protect-advice.org.uk/contact-protect-advice-line or by telephone (020 3117 2520); their website is https://protect-advice.org.uk/homepage.

No matter where you work in Restore if you believe these commitments are being broken you should Speak Up.  You will be supported and protected.

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