Case Study

Case Study

Heritage relocation for National Museums Liverpool

Client: National Museum of Liverpool
Sector: Heritage

The Restore Harrow Green Hertiage team has become the customer’s partner of choice in the on going development of the museum complex. The project scope, including clearance of offices, libraries and important collections in preparation for rebuilding, and also the relocation of collections from temporary storage, required a partnership with an experienced company able to meet a variety of challenges.

Restore Harrow Green was engaged to clear the galleries that would accommodate a new international museum, and to remove the contents of other buildings scheduled for demolition. A range of skills and resources were required to move items of extreme fragility as well as large installations that needed skilled handling and special equipment.

Bringing specialist experience and expertise to the sensitive handling, preparation, packing, transportation and relocation of museum collections and exhibitions, ranging from birds’ eggs to ship building and engineering equipment, the company built a close working relationship with museums staff and a familiarity with the special requirements of its collections and museum sites.

National Museums Liverpool group of museums, visited every year by over two million people, includes, among others, the World Museum – a national museum of international importance and the Mersyside Maritime Museum.

The new Museum of Liverpool, built on the World Heritage Site of Liverpool’s famous waterfront, demonstrates Liverpool’s unique contribution to the world and showcases popular culture while tackling social, historical and contemporary issues.

The carefully planned move of the contents of the Spirit Store needed particular attention. Restore Harrow Green was aware that Liverpool’s impressive collection of preserved specimens – many of them in Victorian jars in a fragile condition and filled with formaldehyde – would mean taking special precautionary health and safety measures to protect museum staff in the event of spillage. Protective clothing, additional inner packaging and even an extractor fan were provided, though the move was completed without mishap.

At the opposite extreme, Restore Harrow Green moved the contents of the dockside ship and engineering workshops, requiring cranes and heavy lifting gear.

  • Specialist experience and expertise.
  • Handling, preparation, packing, transportation and relocation.
  • Taking special precautionary health and safety measures.
  • Development of the museums complex.
  • A range of skills and resources were required to move items of extreme fragility.

“What we like about the people at Restore Harrow Green is that they move at our pace, with the care of each object in mind. It’s been particularly important for us to have been able to develop a long term relationship that has served the museums, and Liverpool’s heritage, very well.”

Mike O’Connell – Logistics Manager, National Museums Liverpool

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