Case Study

Case Study

Laboratory move from the University of Oxford to the University of Liverpool

Client: Universitys of Oxford and Liverpool
Sector: Life Sciences

Restore Harrow Green Laboratory Services were selected through a competitive tender process to complete the planning, packing, moving, unpacking and set-up of laboratories and write up space from the University of Oxford to the University of Liverpool.

The project entailed relocating a large amount of delicate lasers, large optical tables, unique/one off bespoke designed precision equipment, smaller laboratory equipment, chemicals, office furniture, IT and filing. Due to restricted onsite access, a makeshift packing room was cleared and used for all of the crating and packing of large items.

Restore Harrow Green procured and arranged for a scaffold contractor to build a scaffold tower. All large equipment was carefully packed and crated in bespoke made wooden crates, along with shock and tilt monitors, to ensure there was no damage to any of the equipment and to provide a clear audit trail throughout the relocation.

Restore Harrow Green also procured and managed the craning of the large equipment from the scaffold platform to ground floor. Once the large equipment had been craned down to the ground floor level, and the small items relocated via the small passenger lift, all items were carefully loaded and secured to ensure they were safe throughout relocation in three large 18T HGV specialist air ride relocation vehicles.

The project required a lot of careful planning to remove the items and equipment from the Physics Building at the University of Oxford and therefore Restore Harrow Green allocated a project manager to lead the move. The Restore Harrow Green project manager completed the project from inception to completion.

Restore Harrow Green completed the relocation of all of the chemicals as part of the project requirements. Restore Harrow Green employ full time DGSAs (Dangerous Goods & Safety Advisors) who plan and oversee all chemical and dangerous goods relocations.

Validate and sanity check all items that were relocating. Including delicate and high value equipment up to 1,000kg per item. Total consignment to pack and ship was valued at £2m.

Measuring all large and high value items to ensure the correct size wooden crates were made in advance of the relocation so the items could be packed and protected. We designed and executed a safe and realistic plan to complete the move to its final position in Liverpool in the new laboratory.

The relocation was an overwhelming success and far exceeded the clients’ expectations. It was completed in the planned and agreed timescales and within budget with great feedback.

“I liked the meetings that were arranged ahead of the move, as this reassured me that everyone was on the same page and aware of the details at both ends. It also gave me the opportunity to ask questions and to anticipate potential issues, which was helpful.”

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