Case Study

Case Study

Multi-phase relocation for Yourgene Health

Client: Yourgene Health
Sector: Life Sciences

Yourgene Health is a leading integrated technologies and services business, enabling the delivery of genomic medicine. The group works in partnership with global leaders in DNA technology to advance diagnostic science.

Restore Harrow Green Laboratory Services worked with the Yourgene team and completed their relocation in Manchester. The Harrow Green team completed a multi-phase relocation from a number of buildings into 43,000 square feet of Skelton House. The main challenge was completing the relocations with minimal downtime for the teams.

The team completed a number of elements for the customer including:

  • Site audits and surveys to ensure we had all the required information to allow for a successful relocation project.
  • Measured all delicate laboratory equipment to ensure that specialist bespoke packaging was made and used to ensure equipment wasn’t damaged during transit.
  • Designed a programme of works throughout the phases to ensure minimal team downtime.
  • Obtained all the required information to safely and legally relocate chemicals and samples under ADR regulations.
  • Completed packing and relocation meetings and advised of best practice.
  • Regular planning meetings with key stakeholders,
  • Packing/relocation/unpacking and positioning of equipment of over 30 HGV loads across the relocation phases,
  • Supplied DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) and ADR drivers where required to oversee and complete the relocation of chemicals and samples, including supplying specialist UN compliant temperature controlled sample shippers and chemical crates,
  • Supplied bespoke crating and packaging/packing /moved/unpacked some very delicate and expensive analytical equipment,
  • Fitters to remove class 2 cabinets from their stands and reassemble the stands and remount the cabinets in the new labs.

The move was completed below budget and our team were very reactive to changes in the client’s programme requirements that were needed. The team received an emergency phone call on a Friday morning from one of the lab managers as they needed to relocate some critical fridges and freezers over to the new site immediately. We were able to mobilise a team by lunchtime to complete this for them.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the team for all the support during our move. Mark, nothing but high praise for him, his team went above and beyond to ensure a lot of pressure was taken off myself and my team.”

Sarah, Operations Manager, Geonomic Services

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