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IT disposal services
for small businesses


As the supplier of choice for a range of small businesses across the UK, we offer simple and affordable IT recycling services





Easy IT recycling


For many small businesses, it can be difficult to find the time to ensure that your regulatory requirements are being met whilst keeping your business running. Nevertheless, it's important to ensure your no-longer-used IT assets are handled correctly. 

We can come and collect your assets for you, clearing of them of all data before disposing of them in the most environmentally friendly manner. We include full documentation of the service, ensuring your business remains compliant.



it recycling


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On-site or off-site
Secure, compliant, tracked

We also provide full WEEE recycling.

Data destruction


Track your assets
Improve your processes

We also offer IT refreshes
and secure storage.

IT audits


Money back for your IT
Simple & eco friendly

For older assets, try our
IT recycling service,

Resale & Rebate


Any size & scale
UK and Europe

We also move servers
and data centres.

IT relocation



it disposal certificate



Full documentation & highly certified


When we carry out your service, we provide custom reports along with full tracking of your assets through every stage of the process.

We are extremely highly certified and meet all required data security and environmental regulations.






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About us


We are the UK's leading ITAD provider, operating some of the most advanced facilities in our industry. We are highly secure, and offer a range of cost-effective IT solutions.