Leading IT disposal for the education sector

Secure data services

Secure data services for the education sector.

But what happens when that equipment starts to age, needs moving to a new department or needs to be disposed of and replaced?

Restore Technology has sector-specific experience and expertise. We understand the financial and spatial pressures and constraints you work under, as well as the data protection regulations you must comply with, and offer a range of IT services from relocation, to refresh, disposal, and re-marketing to suit your needs. All our services are completed to the highest security levels with minimum of fuss by qualified, dedicated colleagues, and, in many instances, there is an opportunity to recoup a rebate on the devices we re-sell.  

The benefits of our services for education

Improved efficiency and productivity

Our end-to-end systems and processes, allied with experienced, professional teams, means less down time for your colleagues, and less of a decrease in productivity. We deal with obsolete electronic hardware, and will pick up, asset tag for audit purposes and data protection compliance, and data wipe each item before destroying or recycling of parts. We complete the process with a certificate of data destruction for your records.

Value for money

Leveraging our wealth of experience, adherence to industry best practices, and versatile deployment options, we effectively drive down project costs while delivering tangible and measurable returns on investment. Our seasoned expertise allows us to optimize resources and processes, ensuring that each project is executed efficiently and with maximum value for our clients.

Security and compliance

Our collections operatives, engineers, project managers and warehouse handlers are all security-checked professionals; our destruction methods comply with the highest-level accreditations; our fleet and facilities are tracked and protected on CCTV cameras and GPS, while entry protocols are biometric and restricted. Our security is second to none, reducing the gaps for risk, and ensuring your compliance with data protection regulations.

We help you meet your ESG goals

We help you reduce your carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals, reducing e-waste through our recycling practices, and re-marketing your redundant assets. Restore Technology also helps organisations in need through customer donations of no-longer-needed re-usable IT assets, such as data-cleansed and re-prepped laptops – resulting in some very happy recipients!

0% to landfill

Our scale and operational processes and protocols ensure we can be as flexible as you need us to be, while our commitment as a large recycling company to 0% to landfill means we help you meet your organisation’s sustainability and social responsibility goals, providing an important message for you to take back to your stakeholders. 

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