Our ESG journey

How we are going net zero

We are an IT lifecycle services business and as part of the Restore Group we are fully committed to our common strategic goal of delivering a secure and sustainable future for everyone.


Our ‘Restoring Our World’ goal rests on three pillars: our planet, our people, and our business. We believe we will achieve them by working towards Net Zero by 2035, by fulfilling our duty of care to our local communities, and by acting responsibly in all ways.


More simply – our input and our output need to be as sustainable as possible.


Here’s what that means for you, for us as a business, and for the planet.

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‘Restoring Our World’


All at Restore Technology are working to the same strategic goals, that include professional development, enriching careers, health and wellbeing, and a commitment to championing sustainable protocols and processes. As well as being conscious of our people as individuals and of our impacts on the communities around us, we also aim, for example, to reduce our energy use, use REGO-backed renewable energy, set up water harvesting technology, and green our sites.

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Partnering with PlanetMark™


To assess and assure our ESG data, metrics, and strategy, we continue to work with PlanetMark™ who have so far successfully helped us develop a carbon reduction plan for year-on-year decreases in the volume of emissions from our business operations. We have also used their insights in senior leadership training sessions to help inspire a culture of sustainability across the business.

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What it means for the world around us


At Restore Technology, we care about our business, the people who work here and the localities and communities in which we operate and live. Running a sustainable business is not just about hitting recycling targets – although that is a ‘nice-to-have’ goal – it’s about creating a self-generating, caring place to work and have sitting within the community. By using our IT services – whether disposition, full lifecycle, or re-marketing – you significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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Harnessing the sun’s power


We believe our flagship site at Cardington, Bedfordshire, is the most advanced facility for IT recycling services in the UK, and part of this high specification are the 61 solar panels that help power our recycling processes and the smart lighting system inside.

In recent times, Restore Technology customers, and we, have donated the following…

  • 1,000 laptops to UK schools and charities, from National Grid
  • 500 desktop PCs to the Bridge Academy, in Hackney, from UBS
  • 13 laptops to Brigade Bar & Kitchen, a social enterprise helping those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness get back on their feet
  • Technical equipment and support to Beds and Cambs 4×4 response unit
  • Laptops to a Northampton primary school to help children during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • IT equipment for people in need at SocialBox.biz, from Greater London Authority

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