Leading IT disposal for the manufacturing sector

Secure data services

Secure data services for the manufacturing sector.

But what happens when computer equipment you rely on starts to age, needs moving to a new department or needs to be disposed of and replaced?

Restore Technology has years of experience and expertise from working with manufacturing firms, from SMEs to multinationals. We understand the pressures of time and motion, including the need for frequent upgrades to remain competitive, and the data protection and WEEE regulations you must comply with.

Our scale and operational processes and protocols ensure we can be as flexible as you need us to be, while our commitment as a large recycling company to 0% to landfill means we help you meet your organisation’s sustainability and social responsibility goals. We think that gives you a strong message to take back to your stakeholders.

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IT disposition

Our secure collection service handles obsolete electronic hardware by picking it up, tagging it for audit and data protection, wiping its data, and then destroying or recycling its component parts like metals and plastics. You’ll also receive a certificate of data destruction.

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IT refreshes

Minimise e-waste and focus on cost efficiencies by refreshing IT equipment for another round. Our tailored services include data sanitisation, hardware configuration, high-speed imaging, and installation, all with a ‘safe hands’ service for peace of mind and all while maintaining maximum data security.

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IT relocation

We handle every step of your technology lifecycle efficiently and responsibly, minimizing disruption and waste. From auditing to disposal, including data centres, we manage current and old devices while meeting regulations. Accurate reporting ensures smooth project delivery and your peace of mind.

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End user device services

Our managed service streamlines pre-life and mid-life processes for your entire end user device estate, catering to remote and hybrid workers. Services include new asset receipt warehousing, configuration, delivery, stock management, returns, secure asset sanitization, redeployment, and on-site support.

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IT lifecycle services

We offer comprehensive technology lifecycle solutions, managing every aspect from asset auditing to deployment, including data centres. Our teams handle current and obsolete devices with care, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and WEEE criteria, while minimizing disruption, risk, and waste.

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IT project management

Utilize our Restore Technology project team to streamline your end user device projects, from IT deployments to managed IT relocations. Our services include fully managed deployments or relocations, asset warehousing, IT asset auditing and assessment, and on-site support throughout the project duration.


For assets that are current but no longer required, following either on-site or off-site high-level accredited data sanitisation, we can refresh operating systems and applications, for example, to optimise the residual value of your devices through our re-marketing channels. As pause for thought – many of our customers recoup enough through re-selling to pay for most, if not all, of the IT disposition cycle. Some of our customers choose another route; where laptops are still in good condition or usable, they may donate them to organisations in need, once we have securely wiped all previous data from each of their hard drives.



The benefits of our services for the manufacturing sector

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Improved efficiency and productivity


Our end-to-end systems and processes, allied with experienced, professional teams, means less down time for your colleagues, and less of a decrease in productivity.

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Amazing value for money


Our experience, best practice, and flexible deployment options mean we lower project costs and provide measurable value return.

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Security and compliance


Our team of vetted professionals handles collections, engineering, projects, and warehouses. We use strict security measures like CCTV and biometric entry to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and minimize risks.

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We help you meet your ESG goals


We assist in lowering your carbon footprint and achieving sustainability targets by recycling e-waste and re-marketing redundant assets. Additionally, we facilitate donations of reusable IT assets, like data-cleansed laptops, to organizations in need, creating positive impact for all involved.

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